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  • Bird Netting: Bird Netting is used as a physical bird barrier to prevent birds from landing, roosting or nesting in unwanted areas. Bird Net 2000™ is the most efficient and effective method for 100% bird exclusion and is the #1 bird net specified by architects and government agencies. Bird Net 2000 from...
  • Manufacturer and distributor of humane bird and animal control products.
  • Distributors specializing in welded and woven wire mesh and fence, Galvanized Before, Galvanized After, Vinyl Coated, Stainless Steel
  • Trapping: Trapping is sometimes the best and only solution to eradicating a bird problem. For example, we were called upon to remedy a Sparrow infestation at a cell tower, which was located in the middle of a parking lot. The problem was that there were a large number of Sparrows congregating on the cell...
  • Online sales of M18 Tasers,M18L Tasers, M18, M18L, C2 taser,C-2 Taser,M26 Taser Holsters,Mace,Pepper Foam and other Police Supplies, Self Defense,Child Safety and Home Security Products to the Public, Law Enforcement and Security Officers.