Snow/Ice Control Chemicals (7 companies found)

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  • Tetra GmbH

  • Cargill Deicing Technology

    Your source for winter maintenance solutions. We are more than just a salt supplier. Our innovative deicing and anti-icing solutions help protect the public from slick roadways and walking surfaces as the snow starts to fly. From traditional deicing salt to treated salt, liquids and brine...
  • Reed Systems Ltd

    Winter Maintenance Equipment Sand,Salt Spreaders, Deicing Spray Equipment, Brine Makers, Anti-icing Liquid
  • Kilfrost Inc

    Kilfrost Rail: Kilfrost Rail is a biodegradable de-icing and anti-icing fluid for use on electrified third rails of metropolitan and urban rail systems. Frost, freezing rain and snow causes major problems to third rail systems, where poor contact between the current collecting device and the rail can lead...
  • Eco Surface Solutions

  • Cryotech Deicing Technology

    Cryotech Deicing Technology manufactures acetate-based deicers, which are low-corrosion, environmentally friendly alternatives to chloride-based deicers and urea. Acetates are ideal for reinforced concrete structures, because they have a much lower corrosion rate than chlorides – even inhibited...
  • Snow Equipment Sales Inc

    GVM® offers Snow Equipment Sales the opportunity to progress to the next level for servicing the growing snow and ice control market. GVM®’s experience in manufacturing, sales, service, and distribution will greatly enhance the operation of Snow Equipment Sales.