Automated Bulk Bag Filler Provides Reliable, Repeatable Process Quality and Optimal Line Throughput

Press Release from National Bulk Equipment Inc.

HOLLAND, Michigan – National Bulk Equipment, Inc. (NBE). NBE announces a bulk bag filler material handling system that combines integrated automation and performance-proven construction to increase per-ton process contribution and ensure reliable production operation. From one central, menu-driven HMI, a single operator can facilitate system-wide functions, including: creating material recipes, metering material feed rates, dispensing pallets, customizing fill/densify cycles by material, weighing filled bulk bags to an NTEP-certified accuracy of +/-.01%, creating operator-specific equipment interaction settings, and generating system-wide control layer data reporting. The integrated automation of NBE bulk bag filling stations increases material delivery accuracy, improves labor utilization, and optimizes total line throughput.

NBE bulk bag filler systems enable packaging and processing operations to run at designed speeds of up to 20,000 pounds per-hour without concern for constant material waste, re-work, or excess labor costs. The cantilevered lift carriage design on NBE bulk bag fillers has a 4,500-pound hang weight bag capacity, well beyond that of manual or swing-style designs. Thick-wall structural tubing, heavy-gauge carbon and stainless steel, high motor HP and torque ratings on gear reducers and drives, and process-specific, UL listed PLCs and HMIs built by NBE combine to provide in-use performance advantages of shortened cycle times, sustainable and repeatable process quality, increased reliability, and reduced maintenance.

Rigorous NBE risk assessment procedures work to prevent hazards to those who operate and maintain the equipment while identifying improvements in physical ergonomics and equipment access points. NBE expertise in domestic and international regulatory matters protects personnel and product from potentially harmful contaminants. And, being certified by multiple governmental and third-party standards organizations, NBE design and manufacturing processes provide the assurance of performance-proven construction, streamlined start-up, and advanced productivity.

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