IWAKI"s New NRD Canned Motor Direct Drive Centrifugal Pumps

Press Release from Iwaki America Inc.

Iwaki’s is pleased to introduce our New NRD Canned Motor Direct Drive Centrifugal Pumps, designed specifically for the stringent applications found in Laser Cooling and other Medical related Thermal Management and Fluid Circulation Systems.

The NRD design is built on the solid platform of our very popular RD Series pumps.   NRD features small canned motor centrifugal pumps powered by brushless DC motors. They are incredibly compact, lightweight and quiet. A variety of features, including a seal-less design to prevent leakage, enable the pumps to meet a full spectrum of user needs, with emphasis on ease of installation, operation and maintenance.

  • Multiple pump sizes provide performance ranges from 0.5 – 6.2 GPM and pressures up to 38 ft. of head.

  • Fluid temperature range from 0 0 C – 80 0 C

  • Eliminate maintenance costs - Superior engineering combined with built-in safety, NRD is designed to last the life of your system; no service calls or parts kits required.

  • Ease of integration - BLDC motors with integral driver/controller simplifies wiring and UL regulatory compliance. NRD’s mounting and multiple port configurations make it easy to find a home for this pump.

  • Precision temperature control - NRD’s unique dual bearing system reduces heat generation and helps your system maintain temperature accuracy.

  • Reduce system size - NRD’s canned motor design offers the most compact package available.

  • Extend system life - Manufactured under strict ISO 9001/14001 quality standards and assembled with the most chemically-inert materials, NRD pump life will typically exceed 25K hours.

  • Reduce system noise - With documented sound levels at 40 dB or lower, NRD allows for whisper quiet operation.


        Typical Applications include:

  • Medical: Biochemical analysis, cooling systems, patient temperature management cooling for laser treatment

  • Physical/chemical analysis: Thermostats, pure water equipment, different types of analyzers

  • Semiconductors: Semiconductor cooling systems

  • Surface treatment: Small plating machines

  • Fuel cells: Cogeneration systems (cooling and circulation)


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