New Saturn GrizzlyTM Super 80 granulator boasts highest capacity in the industry

Press Release from Granutech Saturn Systems

Orlando, FL April 10, 2013 -Granutech-Saturn Systems, a world-leading manufacturer of recycling equipment will be formally launching its next-generation Saturn Grizzly grinder series at the upcoming ISRI and WASTE EXPO conferences this spring. The new Super 80 (S-80) model, features several design and performance enhancements, including higher horsepower, slower speed and four times higher torque than the original Model 80, while delivering an unprecedented 10-tons-per-hour capacity in rubber scrap recycling applications. The grinder is flexible to handle a variety of recycling material applications, including tires, non-ferrous metal, biomass, plastics and e-scrap recycling.

Product Features & Benefits

Meant for customers who need to process at higher volume, while making a smaller product, the new Saturn Grizzly S-80 features a new knife and rotor design that works exceptionally well on tires. Like its predecessor, the M-80, the S-80 can also be used in other applications, including aluminum, electronics scrap, and waste to energy. Additional design features include such trademark features of the established Saturn Grizzly line including liner plates in the housing, two-piece screen design, easy- opening upper hopper, multi-edge reusable knives and service platforms and handrails. The Saturn Grizzly S-80 also features larger shafts and bearings, a solid one-piece forged rotor, and a higher capacity gearbox. All this supports the Super 80 Grizzly's ability to produce nearly four times more torque, than the standard model M-80 , while doubling the machine's production. A single-line tire processing system can now achieve eight-tons per hour capacity, an amount previously unattainable before the Super-80. Other features of the Saturn Grizzly Super-80 include:

  • Available screen sizes from 1/2" minus to 1-inch minus, or larger

  • Housing lined with replaceable wear-plates

  • 34" diameter rotor supported by double-row spherical roller bearings

  • 300hp or 400hp drive motor

  • 80" cutting chamber

  • Rotary and stationary cutting knives using a proprietary staggered design

  • TEFC electric motor and heavy duty gear reducer

  • Drivetrain friction clutch for overload protection

  • Seamless integration with Saturn shredders, granulators and powderizers 

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