CityView, a Division of Harris Computer Systems

4464 Markham Street, Suite 1202
Victoria, BC V8Z 7X8

About CityView, a Division of Harris Computer Systems

CityView is a software solution for local government. Proven to drive efficiency and empower communities.

All-in-one software to help you grow!

39 years in the business! CityView offers a full suite of software for community development, code enforcement, licensing and other regulatory services. Comprehensive permitting, inspections, reviews and approvals combined with online processing and payments from citizens and contractors reduce time, cost and errors, and engage your constituents.

Software solutions include CityView: Electronic Plans Review, Mobile, Portal, Permits and Inspections, Virtual Inspections, PlansDrop, Code Enforcement, Planning, Business Licensing, Animal Licensing, Service Request, Cashiering, Rental Housing, Marriage and Death Registration, Parking Management, Cemetery Management, GIS integration, and much more.

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PowerPhone has been an innovator in 9-1-1 for over 20 years. The creator of Computer Aided Call Handling (CACH) software, PowerPhone was also the first company to introduce protocols for police and fire call handling. The company has trained over 120,000 telecommunicators in all 50 U.S. states... Read More