Transpo Industries, Inc.

20 Jones Street
New Rochelle, NY 10801

About Transpo Industries, Inc.

Transpo Industries, Inc. manufactures safety products, breakaway supports and pavement marking material for bike lanes and bus lanes. Our regional managers are available to assist in writing specifications and technical support.

A leader in the transportation industry, Transpo’s safety and rehabilitation products and materials are widely recognized for their quality, performance and reliability. Since 1968, our company and our innovative professional team has been dedicated to providing the finest products and materials to ensure safer and more forgiving transportation infrastructure.

Transpo proudly maintains an ISO 9001:2015 quality certification at all company facilities.

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Products by Transpo Industries, Inc.

By Transpo Industries, Inc.

Break-Safe® is an omni-directional breakaway support system for ground mounted signs located within roadside clear zones and other locations vulnerable to vehicular impacts. The omni-directional performance of Break-Safe® allows the system to break away with consistent, predictable behavior,... Read more »

By Transpo Industries, Inc.

Transpo's Breakaway Support Systems features couplings designed to be used on roadway components such as signs and light poles located within roadside clear zones and other locations vulnerable to impacts. The primary component is a high-strength coupling, engineered to break away quickly and... Read more »

By Transpo Industries, Inc.

Transpo manufactures light-weight and fast curing high quality polymer overlay systems. Our extensive line of polymer concrete materials and products enables us to meet specification performance requirements for virtually any overlay project ensuring bridge deck safety and increased service life. Read more »

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