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  • 75912 Master Disconnect Switch

    DPST Disconnect Switch can switch off two high-current loads or switch off positive and negative line, as required by some regulations. 125A continuous, 750A intermittent. Silver contacts. For a full range of reliable Cole Hersee brand Master Disconnect Switches, check Read More
  • Forward & Reverse Relay Module 24452

    Ideal for all forward-reverse, up-down, in-out applications. Fully sealed unit stands up to harsh environments. Intermittent or continuous operation. Compact 3.5"x 3"x 2" unit. Dynamic braking. 70A at 12V DC intermittent, 50A continuous. Read More
  • Lockout Lever Kit 24505

    Fits most Master Disconnect Switches in order to lockout/tagout as required by federal regulations. See also Cole Hersee brand 75920 Master Disconnect Switch which does not require a Lockout Kit - simply apply padlock or tagout directly to the switch. Read More
  • LVDs - Low voltage Disconnect Switches 48610

    No more dead batteries! automatically sheds specified loads when batery is low, automatically reconnects when power is restored. FlexMod LVD 48610 Compact LVD 48513 SureStart LVD 48510 - 200Amp Read More
  • Master Battery Disconnect Switch 75920

    New 300A Disconnect Switch cuts off all vehicle power: 1. Eliminates overnight battery drain. 2. Secures vehicle for maintenance (OSHA requirement). 3. In an accident, emergency services can kill the current. Protects against tampering & battery drain. Can be locked-out or tagged-out. 300A... Read More
  • Pushbutton Switch 90030

    Normally Off Pushbutton Switch, with screw-on rubber cap. For applications up to 36V DC. Cole Hersee manufactures over 50 kinds of pushbutton momentary switches. Check out the range at Read More
  • Sealed Ignition Switches 95060 series

    Sealed Ignition Switches are ruggedly built from engineering plastic and won't rust or corrode. Integral Deutsch-type connector makes installaton easy. 10A at 12V DC, 5A at 24V DC, 3A at 36V DC and 2A at 48V DC. Available in all ignition configurations including anti-restart. Sealed to IP67. Read More
  • smart Battery Isolators 48530 & 48525

    Prevents loads on auxiliary battery from draining the starting battery. More flexible than conventional diode batter isolators, this item works with all alternator types and has no diode efficiency losses. Allows bi-directional charging from alternator or shore power. Reduces load on charging... Read More
  • Solenoids

    Cole Hersee manufactures over 60 different styles of solenoid: insulated/grounded, continuous/intermittent, SPST/DPST, normally Off/On, UL-listed, PVC-coated, latching,electronic, motor-reversing, 6V/12V/12V/24V/36V. Check out the extensive line of Cole Hersee brand solenoids. Read More
  • Wide Lens LED Rocker Switches 58312

    25A at 12V DC. With super-bright illumination and high-visibility wraparound lenses, which give good visibility even in sunlight. weater-resistant. Silver contacts for high performance. Fits standard panel holes. Read More
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