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About Poly-Triplex Technologies, Inc.

Since our founding in 1990, Poly-Triplex® Technologies has focused solely on developing fast, economical and permanent solutions for utility problems. Sixty-three (63) U.S. patent claims are granted on the Poly-Triplex® product and its installation process. Our patented Poly-Triplex® Liner System uses the existing structure as a mold and enables installation to occur without digging and disruption. Utility departments in cities all over the country are using the Poly-Triplex® Liner System - many have even selected our product as a sole source bid item because of its effectiveness and U.S. patent protection.

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Products by Poly-Triplex Technologies, Inc.

By Poly-Triplex Technologies, Inc.

POLY-TRIPLEX LINER SYSTEM STRUCTURAL CURED-IN-PLACE NO-DIG REHABILITATION Up to 20-Year Non-Prorated Materials Warranty Sewer Manholes & Pump Stations Catch Basins & Culvert Pipes Poly-Triplex® Technologies, Inc., is the manufacturer of the Poly-Triplex® Liner System, a cured-in-place... Read more »