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About C2Logix, Inc

C2Logix offers route optimization solutions and expertise adapted to the specific problems and challenges encountered in various industries, ranging from waste collection, field service, and delivery, to dispatch operations.

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By C2Logix, Inc

Route Optimization Software designed to solve "High Density" Routing problems. Some key industries the product is used in are: Solid Waste, Recycling, Yard Waste, Trash, Garbage. FleetRoute™ represents the culmination of a decade of experience in designing, building, and most importantly -... Read more »

By C2Logix, Inc

Imagine having a routing solution that plans the best dispatching for all your trucks, tell you how to effectively route your service technicians, trucks or plan sales calls that saves on travel and labor expenses... The hours spent manually routing could be virtually eliminated. You will... Read more »

By C2Logix, Inc

C2Logix announces the pre-release of the C2RouteApp™, the next generation in powerful, yet easy-to-use, web-based route optimization. The ease-of-use, user-friendliness, and intuitiveness of the application allow users to quickly generate optimized routes with a little bit of experimenting or... Read more »