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  • Chemical Cleaning

    Unwanted heat transfer robbing deposits built-up during normal operation are removed from industrial process equipment by circulating custom-blended chemical formulations under controlled conditions. The process is often used to help maintain and enhance the operating efficiency of heat... Read More
  • Digester Cleaning

    Our companies have more than 50 years of experience in bringing sluggish, overloaded and even inoperable digester tanks back to full operating capacity. Overloading, lack of adequate oxidation time, loss of gas recovery, or invasion of crustacea, grit and trash, can cause a wastewater digester... Read More
  • Dredging

    Our fleet of completely portable hydraulic dredges is equipped with the latest cutter, suction and auger equipment for the fast, efficient cleanup and reclamation of harbors, reservoirs, ponds, lagoons, intake basins and retention areas. Capable of dredging depths of up to 32 feet, we can remove... Read More
  • Dry Ice Blast Cleaning

    Even though it is aggressive, dry ice blast cleaning is absolutely safe to use on production equipment, printing presses, robotic lines, electric motors, fans, walls, floors, etc. It will not etch most substrate materials being cleaned and leaves behind no additional waste or residue. There is... Read More
  • Hydro-Blasting (Water Blasting)

    Using equipment operating at pressures up to 36,000 psi and volumes from 7 gpm to 40 gpm, our technicians quickly cut through stubborn scales and product build-up in boiler and heat exchanger tubes; remove old paint, dirt and rust from structures, machinery and equipment; and literally peel away... Read More
  • Infiltration Control (Chemical Grouting)

    Our combination Digital Television Inspection/Sewer Joint Sealing service provides a guaranteed solution to the problem of excessive infiltration, without costly excavation, disruption of traffic, or by-pass pumping of sewage. When a leak is located by the television camera, our technician... Read More
  • Land Application of Biosolids

    Land application of biosolids has become one of the most cost-efficient biosolids management strategies, and we provide a full spectrum of services. Our experts consult with area farmers and county/state authorities to secure suitable land-application sites and obtain all required permits.... Read More
  • Lateral Service Line Inspection/Sealing

    Studies have shown that service laterals are often a source of significant infiltration, and that most infiltration into these lines occurs within a few feet of the main. There are two primary reasons for this; all except the last few feet of service lines are usually above the water table, and... Read More
  • Manhole Rehabilitation

    Our manhole rehabilitation specialists can solve your manhole infiltration/inflow problems; restoring your structures to "better than new" condition in less time than it would take to replace them — and for a fraction of the cost. Read More
  • Mini-Cam Television Inspection

    Pipe lines and other areas previously inaccessible due to their size or location can now be easily and economically inspected. Using specially designed miniature cameras and equipment, Carylon company technicians can internally inspect piping as small as 2 inches in diameter. They can see... Read More
  • No-Dig Cured-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP) Spot Repairs

    It’s a practical, fast and economical "no dig" solution for pipes with partial structural deterioration and/or distortion, interior corrosion, settling, misalignment and cracking. It provides jointless renovation, improves flow characteristics, adds to the structural integrity of the pipe and... Read More
  • On-Site Soil/Sludge Remediation

    Experienced 40 hour OSHA trained heavy equipment operators enable Carylon companies to complete site remediation projects such as lagoon closures/cappings, routine removal of contaminated soils/sludge, and EPA regulated site closures. Read More
  • Root Removal

    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) calls root intrusion, "the most destructive single element facing those maintaining a wastewater collection system." If you’re waging a constant battle against root intrusion, call us and get rid of the problem once and for all. Our root removal... Read More
  • Sewer Cleaning

    Clogged sewer lines can quickly turn from a nuisance into a nightmare of municipal health hazards — and irate phone calls. Whether clogging is caused by sewage backup or natural disasters such as landslides, mudflows or floods, you need someone who can respond with the right type of equipment... Read More
  • Sewer System Studies

    Our experts have helped hundreds of municipalities and industries across the country meet EPA regulations. Working under the direction of the consulting engineer, we can handle all or any part of your correction program; from beginning analysis through the rehabilitation of the entire system. Read More
  • Sludge Dewatering

    Whether your needs call for temporary, seasonal or long-term sludge dewatering, we have the expertise, manpower and equipment to do the job, and do it right. We can quickly remove sludge contaminated sediment or oily wastes from pits, ponds, lagoons, industrial tanks and digesters. Read More
  • TV Inspection

    Using the latest CCTV equipment and reporting methods, we can provide unmatched quality, flexibility and reliability in sewer inspection. Trouble spots, such as cracked or broken tiles, offset joints, and blockages are quickly and precisely located without excavation. Our software produces the... Read More
  • Vacuum Excavation

    Below ground utility infrastructures are becoming more and more congested as they are adapted to accommodate greater demands. This has led to increasing safety as well as financial concerns when there is a need to locate and expose such utilities. Using non-destructive water or air vacuum... Read More
  • Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaning

    Jobs that used to take days are completed in just hours. Our custom-built vacuum vehicles can quickly cleanup the toughest, dirtiest material, no matter where it’s located. The tremendous suction generated by our equipment ensures the fast removal of wastes and debris without stirring up... Read More
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