“STF1-9” Valveless 400 μl Dispensing Pump

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Fluid Metering, Inc. (FMI) introduces their new 400 μl Dispensing Pump ideal for Medical, Analytical and Biotech Instrumentation. Having the identical compact design dimensions as their STH & STF OEM Pump lines, the STF1-9 expands dispense and metering capabilities of previous STH designs by 100% while maintaining 0.5% precision.

The STF1-9 is available in nine drive configurations ranging from 200 μl through 400 μl in 50 μl increments. Each drive model (STF1, STF2 … STF9) has an adjustable displacement of ±25 μl. A supplied adjustment tool rotates an eccentric bushing to precisely make micro-volume adjustments.

There are also four standard pump head options available to provide a fluid path with maximum chemical and dispense volume/flow rate compatibility.

Fluid Metering’s STF1-9 utilizes FMI’s CeramPump® valveless fluid transfer technology. One moving part accomplishes both the pumping and valveless functions within the pump, thereby eliminating valves present in other reciprocating pump designs. Sapphire-hard ceramic internal components are both chemically inert and dimensionally stable, resulting in a pump that will transfer fluid, in micro-volume amounts, at a precision of 0.5% or better for millions of maintenance free cycles.

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For over 55 years Fluid Metering's pumps have been used for precision fluid control in medical and analytical instrumentation, chemical process, pharmaceutical manufacturing, mining, water & wastewater treatment, environmental monitoring, as well as food processing.

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