Cansporter Waste Cart Carrier

5274 Scotts Valley Drive, 201
Scotts Valley, CA 95066

About Cansporter Waste Cart Carrier

Waste cart carrier for transporting carts from a residence to the public roadway for collection. Simplifies rural and semi-rural collections for any homeowner that needs to transport their carts long distances to the collection point. Carrier lifts and secures carts for transport in one easy quick step. Transports all semi-automated residential cart sizes. Carrier mounts to tow receiver on passenger vehicle.

Ability to conveniently transport carts increases participation rates in rural roadside collections. Existing customers will no longer dispose of recyclable material in the trash cart to avoid having to transport multiple carts (trash & recycle). New customers will be attracted to the roadside collection service resulting in the recycling of more material and the increase in efficiency and revenue of the rural collection route.

With an easy method for the homeowner to transport carts, the waste hauler can now create central collection hubs where private roadways meet the public road. This greatly reduces the number of stops and boosts route efficiency. Cart damage from homeowner adapted transportation methods are also eliminated.

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