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78-40 164th Street
Fresh Meadows, NY 11366

About US Energy Group, LLC

Founded in 1978 by CEO Jerry Pindus, U.S. Energy is a metro-New York based firm, which develops and integrates energy control, monitoring and analysis systems for large residential properties. With the slogan “Building Efficiency Through Information Management,” the company’s three flagship products include: USE Manager™, an internet-based building management service which provides information to keep buildings running safely and cost-efficiently; USE Controller Energy Management System (EMS), which controls and monitors energy and fuel use and provides a guaranteed minimum savings of 15% on fuel consumption, returning investment in less than two years; and USE Verifier™, an advanced ultrasonic measurement system which enables apartment building owners and managers to verify the amount of oil they receive, as well as control their inventory and budget. With U.S. Energy Group’s products and services, building owners save money, conserve energy and enhance tenants’ comfort.

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Products by US Energy Group, LLC

By US Energy Group, LLC

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