Top Secret Coatings Inc

9317 State Ave Suite A
Arlington, WA 98223

About Top Secret Coatings Inc

Top Secret Coatings is a manufacturer of industrial coatings and anti-grafitti coatings. We have spared no expense or resource in preparing this outstanding TS-601 Anti-Graffiti Coat. Recommended for use in areas where there is a high risk of unwanted graffiti, corrosive chemicals, smog, heavy grime and heavy traffic. Provides outstanding service as a protective concrete floor coating in industrial applications. TS Anti-Graffiti Coat is highly resistant to solvents, alkalis and dilute acids and is suitable for use as an anti-graffiti coating when using TS-602 Graffiti Cleaner as a graffiti remover. Provides an exceptionally durable finish that offers outstanding gloss and color retention in the harshest environments and in the most difficult circumstances. Recommended for use on bridges, walls, floors, heavy equipment, oil refineries, storage tanks, off shore structures, power plants and industrial facilities. Provides excellent adhesion to concrete, steel, wood, masonry, sheet rock and more. Available in one gallon kits. A two-component low VOC aliphatic polyurethane consisting of acrylic component A and a B component converter. Colors: Black, white and gloss and semi gloss. Tint bases are available upon request. Available finishes are gloss and semi-gloss. Solvent: PM Acetate, N Butyl Acetate. Coverage at two mils dry is approx 450 square feet.

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