Harper Awarded Multi-Million Dollar Contract for Microline™ Carbon Fiber Research System

Press Release from Harper International

Buffalo, NY – Harper International, world leader in thermal processing solutions for advanced materials, has been selected by a Carbon Fiber company in Asia for a multi-million dollar contract for their state-of-the-art Microline™ system. The complete process line incorporates thermal systems including oxidation ovens, carbonization furnaces and a UHT (Ultra High Temperature) furnace system, surface treatment, sizing application, handling equipment, gas treatment, and advanced control systems. The Microline will be customized to support the client's advanced fiber development program for Carbon Fiber research.
The client chose Harper's technology as a result of the Microline's advanced design features that enable future scale up of the material more effectively than any other system on the market. Harper's system is focused on flexibility, versatility, and precision to change and modify processing parameters during the R&D process. It can be operated with small precursor quantities, allows for maximum manipulation of key process parameters, and accommodates a range of line speeds and tow sizes. As a continuous line, as opposed to many other research lines running in batch, the system will both enable their research efforts and provide a pathway to the next continuous step in their production process. "Harper's passion is applying unique technology solutions for each client's specific processing goals, whether at research stage or in full commercial production, enabling their requirements to meet the needs of the growing Carbon Fiber market," commented Charles Miller, President at Harper International. "This contract illustrates just one example of how Harper can support a Carbon Fiber producer's full range of process needs with our superior technology offering."
As a leader in Carbon Fiber conversion technology, Harper has multiple complete Carbon Fiber conversion lines installed and available as an open reference and capabilities demonstration of its technology leadership to select Harper clients.
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