Spotlight On: Harper Tolling Services

Press Release from Harper International

 As part of our Research and Piloting program, Ignite™, Harper is pleased to also offer toll processing. Harper is focused on providing process development and complete solutions for our clients. Now, we have combined that with our customers’ requests for additional quantities of material.

Tolling is an intermediary step in Harper’s Ignite process. On several occasions our clients need sampling quantities for prospective customers, and Harper can satisfy that need with our tolling partners, who have a variety of Harper thermal system platforms available for production use.  With our Ignite program, Harper’s Ph.D.’s and Engineers are involved from start to finish. To ensure the technical parameters during tolling operations are meeting the same requirements as our lab, our team reviews the process and is dedicated to providing additional support throughout the process.

Tolling is ideal for a variety of atmospheres including air, inert gas, reducing atmospheres and reactive gases. It is generally used for processing powders, pellets and components.

Harper’s systematic approach to process development involves optimizing the best process with our customers and our technical experts.  Once the process is defined, Harper then collects the data to scale up the system for commercialization with a full scale production furnace system. To learn more about Harper’s Ignite program, click here.

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