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Press Release from American Cutting Edge, a Div. of CB Manufacturing

The BiehnCo group of companies is on the verge of something great. We are working hard to make our companies more accessible to you, the customer.  We have grown within the last few months, adding about 10 new sales people, as well as various other positions across the span of our 5 companies.  The updating of our computer systems and software are helping us to be faster and more efficient.  In addition, all of our websites have been redesigned so that they are easy to navigate and will work directly with our social media, allowing us to post news immediately as it happens.  New online shopping carts are also in the works for both American Cutting Edge, and Better Tools. We feel that the addition of staff, updated software and new websites will play an important role in getting our knives and blades to our customers faster, and make us stronger as a company. 


Cellular Manufacturing 

CB Manufacturing has been embracing the idea of lean manufacturing for some time now. We have put great effort into cleaning up our factory so that it fits into the model of 5S, and our newest undertaking is cellular manufacturing. Cellular Manufacturing refers to the idea of putting machines that produce the same family of parts together.

Our first cell that is in process is our razor blade cell. The various machines that are used to create our carbide razor blades are grouped together in one area with a function layout. The area is color coded with orange and has a large sign labeled “Razor Blade Cell.” There will likely be between 9 and 12 more cells within the factory once the concept has been completed. The concept of Cellular Manufacturing is put into place primarily to cut down on waste and achieve maximum efficiency within the company. The less time it takes to move a part from one machine to another the faster  the parts will be machined and the sooner they can get to the customer. Also, the faster the part is made, the less expensive the part will be in the long run, effecting the customers bottom line in a good way.

Celanese Vent Opener 

American Cutting Edge offers a high quality stainless steel Celanese Vent Opener that provides long lasting precision cuts for your poultry processing needs. Our Celanese blades are a stock item, available for same day shipping, at a competitive price! Call us today for pricing and samples to test our high quality Celanese Vent Opener, or for any other food processing blade requirements you have!

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