Reliance Foundry launches two newly-designed bike lockers

Press Release from Reliance Foundry Co. Ltd.

Reliance Foundry Co. Ltd., North America's premier supplier of bollards, custom castings and bike racks, announced the next step in the development of its most secure bike storage line today with the launch of the model R-8281and R-8182 bike lockers. Both models are created from top-quality materials and provide the highest standard in bicycle security but each model was designed with a distinct design aesthetic in mind. Delivering "peace of mind bicycle storage, "the model R-8181 bike parking locker boasts an avant-garde style while the model R-8182 cycle storage locker features a traditional and pronounced style. Both models feature designs that will compliment specific architectural approaches but it is their secure construction that set them apart.

Bike lockers are recognized for providing the greatest level of security in bike parking. Their box-like construction protects bicycles from the elements as well as thieves and vandals. Because of the level of protection they provide, bike lockers are often installed in areas where storage may be required for extended periods of time or where there may be an increased risk of theft of vandalism. 

"We realized that as cycling continues to grow, as a form of transportation, that many areas would require more security than traditional bike racks could offer," says Reliance Foundry Product Manager, Len Cranmore, "so we developed these new bike lockers to provide a level of security that would be ideal for areas like transpiration stations, shopping malls, college campuses and recreation centres." 

Reliance Foundry's new bike lockers increase accessibility at businesses and in communities, while setting riders minds at ease. Both models can be finished with six different powered coating options and they feature designs that will highlight either contemporary or traditional architecture. The model R-8281 bike locker's design works well in standalone applications where its style accentuates modern streetscapes. The model R-8282 cycle storage locker features a box-like style that makes it ideal for traditional sites or multiple locker installations. Both models feature their own unique aesthetic but their secure construction and user-friendly functionality are what make them truly remarkable. For the level of weather and vandalism resistance it provides, powder-coated steel is recognized as the top material choice for bike lockers. The model R-8281 and R-8282 are constructed from high grade steel and contain no plastic or wood parts. Air slats are a feature that makes Reliance Foundry's bike lockers unique in the industry. The slats promote air circulation and prevent water from being trapped inside the lockers. They also allow the contents of the lockers to be seen from the outside which hinders misuse. Adding to the top-notch designs, are the spacious interiors. Both models feature an inner area that is larger than that of competitive models and allow for the storage of additional cycling equipment like panniers, locks and lights. The mounting systems of both bike lockers are fully contained within each unit to increase security. Virtually eliminating the threat of theft and vandalism, the new model R-8281and R-8282 are stylish bike parking solutions that provide the highest standard in bike parking security. 

"We wanted to create bike parking systems that would provide the highest level of bike storage security with a design integrity that would provide unsurpassed durability," says Reliance Foundry Vice President, Brad Done; "our tough-as-nails, new bike lockers will stand up to thieves, vandals and intense elemental challenges." 

Reliance Foundry's newly designed model R-8281 and R-8282 bike lockers provide bike storage with the optimal level of weather resistance and protection from theft and vandalism. Two distinct designs bring functional bike parking security to contrasting architectural approaches. The model R-8182 is contemporary and stylistic while the model R-8282 is traditional and pronounced. Both approaches will compliment a site's specific architecture while showcasing a commitment to green initiatives and healthy lifestyles.

Place orders now for shipment in the Fall of 2013. 

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