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Press Release from Innovative Lighting

Press Release- April 17, 2014


Ankeny, Iowa - Innovative Lighting and Igor, Inc. are pleased to announce a new way of delivering light that enhances operational savings and gives ultimate control to building owners.  This innovative solution uses Power-over-Ethernet to connect lighting into the building IT infrastructure.  This eliminates the need for expensive high power wiring as well as a separate controls system layered on top of the lighting system. Power-over-Ethernet seamlessly integrates lighting and controls in to one easy to manage system.

Through the utilization of highly efficient LED fixtures, this unique system offers tremendous advantages over traditional office lighting sources.  The need to run expensive high voltage wiring and conduit for lighting has been eliminated by utilizing Ethernet cabling to deliver power and data through the same cable.  The system is outfitted with sensors that can control the light based on occupancy, but also dim when sufficient daylight is present to maintain desired light levels.

By connecting lighting to an IT network, facility managers and users can realize and understand usage at a very detailed level.  Using the integrated software by Igor, power consumption can be examined and lighting needs adjusted to match the space.  The system can also automate lighting for the building to match desires and energy conservation plans.  For example, a facility manager could adjust the lighting for areas that have a high amount of natural light and deploy more daylight harvesting.  Further, individual fixtures can be adjusted to an office worker’s preference over their workspace without disrupting or changing the rest of the space.

Innovative Lighting will present this lighting solution at LightFair, North America’s largest annual architectural and commercial trade lighting show (June 1- June 5, 2014).


About Innovative Lighting, LLC

For nearly two decades, Innovative Lighting continues to be a market leader that provides thousands of domestic and international companies with a diverse line of energy-efficient, dependable LED lighting. Our technically advanced, best-in-class LED lighting solutions are expertly crafted to exact standards and specifications in three leading-edge production facilities in America’s heartland where our quality construction is a source of pride.

About Igor, Inc.

The Igor® Network-Attached-Lighting® software platform delivers significant energy savings, maintenance savings, effortless configuration, reporting, granular control, and expandability. Igor® licenses its technology to manufacturers desiring to offer Power-over-Ethernet lighting, sensors, or other devices.

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