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About Feather Free Zone

Feather Free Zone™, LLC (“FFZ”) was created through the combined efforts of R. Brett Madden, Esq. and Robert Young. Mr. Madden is the President of No Fly Zone, Inc. which provides bird exclusion, control and deterrent services on a national level. Mr. Young is the President of Geese Chasers, LLC which provides geese clearing services along the East Coast of the United States. FFZ was born when these two businesses joined forces in an effort to continue market dominance and increased market share by providing these services on a local level.

We have been providing quality bird services for over 30 years combined. We have made all of the mistakes, perfected our approach and streamlined the entire process from A to Z. Our entire staff is committed to educating our installers on the use of bird products and services that are long lasting and unobtrusive to the untrained eye.

Locations: Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia

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By Feather Free Zone

Use of highly trained handlers and Border Collies will control your Canada Goose problem year-round. The Border Collie is a breed of herding dogs that was reared by shepherds in the border country between Scotland and England starting in the 1700s. They have an inbred ability to stalk and herd.... Read more »

By Feather Free Zone

The use of Bird Exclusion Netting provides a safe and humane method of completely excluding pest birds from desired areas. A typical netting installation consists of the following: first, stainless steel support anchors (eye bolts) are mounted to the structure. Next, cable guides (j-brackets,... Read more »

By Feather Free Zone

Bird Spikes are a stainless steel deterrent product. They deter birds from landing and/or roosting on light to heavy pressure sites such as ledges, etc. The Bird Spikes have a long stainless steel spike that extends upwards and outwards in a way that makes it difficult for the birds to land.... Read more »

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