TIGER Drylac Powder Coatings introduces 22lb (10kg) box

Press Release from TIGER Drylac U.S.A.

TIGER listened to the voice of the customer!

TIGER Drylac ® Powder Coatings is pleased to announce the introduction of 50 standard RAL colors conveniently packaged in a new packaging size of 22lb (10kg). In addition to this new packaging, these RAL colors will continue to be available in 55lb (25kg) boxes.

The 50 RAL colors packaged in 22lb (10kg) boxes are offered to customers across the United States and Canada.

The new 22lb (10kg) box was designed to be conveniently stacked with TIGER 55lb (25kg) boxes on any shelf - bottom, middle and top, as it is half the height, and can be easily handled off the ground and off any skid.

For any additional information, please contact a TIGER Sales Manager or a Customer Service Representative.


Contact Montaha Hidefi

Marketing and Business Development Manager, North America

m[email protected]


T 1-519-780-6728

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