Biofeed Solutions, Inc.

PO Box 3434
Glendale, AZ 85311

About Biofeed Solutions, Inc.

We manufacture a line of biostimulant additives that enzymatically release oxygen to aid in complete bio-oxidation and break-down of a variety of compounds in soil and water.

The professionals at Biofeed Solutions, Inc. have carefully developed technologies that counter the negative impact caused by industrial chemicals with the primary goal of producing safe, technology-based alternatives to harmful chemicals. Today, Biofeed Solutions, Inc., manufactures and markets affordable, effective and concentrated products to reduce shipping costs and improve ease of handling and use.

From our humble beginning when our first small “formula” was produced, to today’s manufacturing facility located in Glendale, AZ USA, Biofeed Solutions, Inc. is adhering to its goal of discovering dynamic technologies, and developing these into beneficial products that restore and protect our precious environment.

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Products by Biofeed Solutions, Inc.

By Biofeed Solutions, Inc.

CHETROL™ (key-trol) is a concentrated formulation of Biofeed’s Exclusive Amino-Carbon Technology (ACT) plus added Nitrogen that is formulated chelate a variety of minerals, salts and heavy metals. This dynamic blend also aids in enhancing bio-degradation of a wide range of organics and complex... Read more »

By Biofeed Solutions, Inc.

The biological imbalance in waste systems is often induced by a lack of oxygen and the growth of unwanted noxious or anaerobic bacteria. These odorous conditions exist due to inefficient protein and carbon/sulfur degradation resulting from insufficient dissolved oxygen and its tertiary compounds... Read more »

By Biofeed Solutions, Inc.

BioRem™ functions as a substrate for microbial activity, maximizing the metabolic rate of hydrocarbon (HC) eating bacteria. Its substrate activity induces the formation of reductase enzymes, increasing the reaction rate at which complex organic molecules are disassembled. BioRem™ also contains... Read more »

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