Products in the City & County Government Marketplace

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  • Jaw Crusher Wear Parts By Columbia Steel Casting Co., Inc.

    Columbia Steel customers have proven that the right jaw plate design can make a dramatic difference, depending on the application. We have many case histories in which wear life increases of 50% are common, and some in which wear life increased up to 300%. Columbia Steel maintains over 2,000... Read More
  • Jet Aeration By Fluidyne Corporation

    Fluidyne Jet Aeration provides an economical and effective approach to oxidizing and mixing wastewater. Jet Aeration Systems are ideal for both industrial and municipal activated sludge processes including SBRs, oxidation ditches, extended aeration and BNR. Due to their flexibility, large solids... Read More
  • Jet Aspiration By Fluidyne Corporation

    Jet aspiration is a simple, efficient and cost effective solution to wastewater treatment and mixing problems. Liquid from the tank is pumped through a specially designed double nozzle assembly which aspirates air into the mixing section. The combined air/liquid plume is then discharged below... Read More
  • Jet MCR™ Multi-Channel Orbital By Fluidyne Corporation

    COMPLETE NITRIFICATION/ DENITRIFICATION The Fluidyne Jet MCR™ offers significant advantages compared to a similar system with surface aerators. The greatest process advantage is that our mixing pumps draw motive liquids (fully nitrified mixed liquor) from the inner channel and pump it back out... Read More
  • Jet Mixing By Fluidyne Corporation

    Fluidyne Jet mixers can be used in a wide variety of wastewater applications including flow equalization basins, CSO tanks, anoxic reactors, anaerobic digesters, SBRs, oxidation ditches and flash mix tanks. Fluidyne’s jet mixing systems are simple, cost effective and available for new... Read More
  • JMap By K2 Geospatial

    JMap is an online Web-GIS solution and its purpose is to democratize the access to information and technologies available in an organisation. JMap provides an integrated and georeferenced HUB to optimize assetts and security management operations. JMap provides spatial analysis tools and a new... Read More
  • JOMA 6000 By Black Cat Blades Ltd.

    The JOMA6000 Flexible Carbide Snowplow Blade extends the life of road markings. Independent Tungsten Carbide inserted segments are suspended in rubber which absorbs shock and vibration resulting in a smoother plowing operation. The “chattering” of steel blades is eliminated resulting in less... Read More
  • Juno® T41™ Rugged Handheld Computer By Trimble Inc.

    The Trimble® Juno® T41™ rugged handheld computer is a powerful, connected and compact solution for your entire mobile workforce. The Juno T41 handheld offers the convenience and ease-of-use of a smartphone with durability and long-term support that smartphones just don't offer. Its slim,... Read More