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  • Lagoon Systems By Environmental Dynamics International

    EDI lagoon systems deliver economical solutions for wastewater treament throughout the world. Loa operating cost and minimal operator attention make lagoon systems the preferred process solution for secondary treatment where land availability and proper topography permit. Read More
  • LagoonFAST Wastewater Treatment System By Bio-Microbics Inc

    LagoonFAST™ by Bio-Microbics, Inc. takes the remarkable FAST® treatment technology and packages it for aeration pond and lagoon installations. LagoonFAST modules install very quickly, instantly upgrading the aeration pond or lagoon with the patented, proven, fixed film FAST process. Advanced... Read More
  • Lamp Posts By Robinson Iron

    Antique designs may be adapted to modern energy efficient light sources. Customize with add-on features like banner arms basket hangers, etc. Read More
  • Land Application of Biosolids By Carylon Corporation

    Land application of biosolids has become one of the most cost-efficient biosolids management strategies, and we provide a full spectrum of services. Our experts consult with area farmers and county/state authorities to secure suitable land-application sites and obtain all required permits.... Read More
  • Landfill Closures - Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) By Watersaver Co. a division of Consolidated Divisions Inc

    Watersaver liners are utilized as containment measures for Landfills and wastewater, to comply with regulations that protect surface water and groundwater sources from contaminants. Watersaver geomembrane liners have been in service for over 40 years. With new regulations imposed on waste... Read More
  • Landscaping Bollards By Reliance Foundry Co. Ltd.

    Reliance Foundry’s Outdoor Landscape Bollards raise pathway Demarcation to a new level with Decorative Perimeter Accents Most installations of Landscaping Bollards consist of concrete-filled Steel Posts that are embedded within the grade around many Outdoor Parks, malls, schools and fields.... Read More
  • LandSketch for Highways By Eagle Point

    Developed with input from state DOTs, LandSketch™ for Highways dramatically improves the efficiency of the route creation and selection process. Powerful route layout and GIS tools help you analyze multiple corridor alternatives quickly. Additionally, you eliminate steps in the repetitive... Read More
  • Large Diameter Hose (LDH) By JGB Enterprises, Inc.

    JGB’s Large Diameter Hose (LDH) division was born from our clients demand for quick response assemblies. From standard Sewer By-pass, Well Point jobs, and de-watering services, to emergency response irrigation & flood zone application, JGB has the LDH Hose, Fittings, and Assemblies for you! Read More
  • Large Format Graphics By Metropolitan Graphics

    Up to 8' wide and 600' long (depending on material), Metropolitan Graphics prints brilliant high resolution Large Format Graphics in one pass without seams. Even larger graphics can be printed in sections and seamed together with samll, discreately placed seams, barely visible when viewed from... Read More
  • Large-Format Banner Printing By Metropolitan Graphics

    Large-format printed banners for interior and exterior display from Metropolitan Graphics are printed using state-of-the-art technology for a crisp, clear ultra high-resolution output offering vivid colors and outstanding UV performance. Using eco-friendly inks, digital imaging is available for... Read More
  • Laser By Feather Free Zone

    Another technique used to herd the birds is through the use of lasers. Research conducted by several organizations, such as the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (“USDA”) Wildlife Services’ (“WS”) National Wildlife Research Center (“NWRC”) indicates that lasers, e.g. relatively low-power,... Read More
  • Laser Ally Handheld LIDAR Speed Gun By Digital Ally Advanced Video & Speed Enforcement Products

    Officers call the small, lightweight, well-balanced Laser Ally the most comfortable LIDAR they’ve ever used. It detects vehicle speeds in 1/3 sec., has an incredible range even through vehicle windows, advanced accuracy safeguards and tests, and obstructions like branches or posts, congested... Read More
  • Laser Bird Control By Bird-X

    Laser bird control is a well-documented way to chase away pest birds. Laser beams are perfect for scaring pest birds away without sound. Instead, colored laser beams change patterns constantly to prevent acclimation. Read More
  • Lasers By No Fly Zone, Inc.

    Another technique used to herd the birds is through the use of lasers. Research conducted by several organizations, such as the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (“USDA”) Wildlife Services’ (“WS”) National Wildlife Research Center (“NWRC”) indicates that lasers, e.g. relatively low-power,... Read More
  • Lateral & Mainline Systems By CUES, Inc.

    The self-propelled, robust LAMP II is designed to perform pan and tilt inspections of the mainline sewer pipe while viewing and inspecting a lateral pipe. The LAMP II is able to accomplish this by utilizing a self-propelled lateral launcher, transportation platform, and two cameras, one for... Read More
  • Lateral Line Services By National Power Rodding

    Studies have shown that service laterals are often a source of significant infiltration, and that most infiltration into these lines occurs within a few feet of the main. There are two primary reasons for this; all except the last few feet of service lines are usually above the water table, and... Read More
  • Lateral Reinstatement Cutters By CUES, Inc.

    These conventional towed cutters are rugged, waterproof, and built to withstand shock and vibration. The cutters are proven and reliable with hundreds of units in daily use. The Kangaroo cutters are equally effective in CIPP or Fold and Form liners. They can be installed on any CCTV... Read More
  • Lateral Service Line Inspection/Sealing By Carylon Corporation

    Studies have shown that service laterals are often a source of significant infiltration, and that most infiltration into these lines occurs within a few feet of the main. There are two primary reasons for this; all except the last few feet of service lines are usually above the water table, and... Read More
  • Lead-Acid Batteries By East Penn Manufacturing Co., Inc.

    Manufacturing batteries from 6 to over 20,000 pounds, East Penn Manufacturing has battery power solutions for virtually any application. Read More
  • Leakator® 10 Combustible Gas Leak Detector By Bacharach , Inc.

    Bacharach’s Leakator® 10 is a rugged handheld combustible gas leak detector unit loaded with advanced features and low maintenance that contractors and service professionals demand. With a solid state sensor that lasts up to five years, this easy-to-use instrument detects acetone, acetylene,... Read More
  • Lean–Burn Gas Generator Sets By Cummins Inc.

    Lean–burn gas generator sets are designed to provide reliable performance, high fuel efficiency and very low emissions for applications such as high–hour peaking, prime power and combined heat and power (CHP). Running on a lean mixture of fuel and air, this design significantly reduces the... Read More
  • LED Lighted Safety Glasses By Panther Vision - Waters Industries, Inc.

    With our LED Lighted Safety Glasses, Panther Vision has combined high-quality ANSI Z87.1 rated safety glasses with ultra-bright LED light to protect your eyes and light-up your work area at the same time! Great for any project or workplace with poor lighting including plumbing – electrical work... Read More
  • LED Luminaire - Ring of Fire By TAPCO - Traffic & Parking Control Company

    LEDs are mounted to the inside of the Trim Ring which also doubles as a heat sink for optimal heat dissipation. This process allows the heat generated by LEDs to exit the globe helping achieve a rated for a minimum of 110,000 hours of continuous operation at ambient temperatures from -40°F... Read More
  • LED Option By Brasco International, Inc.

    LED Options LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology is a durable, cost-efficient, energy-saving solution to your lighting needs, and can be powered by solar or traditional sources. Brasco internal lighting accessories utilize LED technology and provide significant improvement in efficient... Read More
  • Ledge Guard By No Fly Zone, Inc.

    Ledge Guard is a new innovative approach to controlling and eliminating the damage caused by roosting and/or nesting birds. Ledge Modification’s simple, but extremely effective design solves the problem of persistent birds that want to nest on commercial or residential structures. Ledge... Read More
  • LEDO 75 By Lumiron, Inc.

    The LUMIRON LEDO 75 is a linear LED light that provides energy-saving illumination for use in residential and commercial applications. A low-voltage, low power consumption fixture the LEDO 75 has dimmable capabilities that integrate with many of the controls used in traditional lighting. Read More
  • Legacy By Loadmaster

    a Mid-compaction highly productive, most reliable rearload refuse body Read More
  • License Plate Recognition: LPR-EZ By Perceptics

    This is a premium level of access control without the premium price. With the LPR-EZ you can increase your security measures quickly and efficiently. Manual vehicle inspections and data entry is error-prone and can distract gate officers from vital vehicle threat assessment procedures. The... Read More
  • License Plate Recognition: LPR-HR By Perceptics

    Chosen by the U.S. government to maximize security and expedite traffic flow, the LPR-HR High Resolution is the only License Plate Reader that reads state, province or country of origin ID and is backed with the industries' only 95+% guaranteed read rate. Wide field of views and the high level... Read More
  • License Plate Recognition: LPR-ID By Perceptics

    With the LPR-ID you don't have to compromise quality on behalf of budget. The LPR-ID reads all license plate types, including retro-reflecting and non-retro-reflecting plates, with an impressive 90+% accuracy level. It is the only License Plate Reader in its class that identifies states and... Read More
  • Lifecycle Cost Analysis for Fleets By NAFA Fleet Management Association

    30% OFF FOR NAFA MEMBERS AND AFFILIATES! NEW Narrated Version of a Valuable Training Tool! NAFA’s Lifecycle Cost Analysis for Fleets is intended to assist you in implementing the use of analytical financial modeling in your vehicle fleet. Due to the file size of the product, it is only available... Read More
  • Lifting-Protection-Traction Chains By Pewag Chain Inc

    Pewag Chain Inc. is the North American distributor for the Austrian based Pewag company. Read More
  • LIGHT DUTY By Maxon Lift Corp

    FOR PICKUPS, SERVICE BODIES, STAKEBEDS, AND VAN BODIES Light duty liftgates are designed to provide easy, safe, and cost-effective lifting of light to moderate loads. Maxon's product line features light duty options for pickup trucks, service bodies, stakebed, van bodies and cargo vans.... Read More
  • Light Equipment By BOMAG Americas, Inc.

    Tampers Single Direction Vibratory Plates Reversible Vibratory Plates Walk Behind Rollers Tandem Ride On Rollers Read More
  • Lily Bench By Victor Stanley

    Designed, engineered, and manufactured with the same attention to detail, quality, and durability that the design community has come to expect from Victor Stanley. The Perenne collection features clean lines, natural proportions, and slim profiles. The Lily bench (patented) embodies elements in... Read More
  • Lining Products By DLM Plastics

    Custom designed and manufactured liners, covers, clearwell baffles, booms and secondary containment for aplications including ponds, lagoons, tanks, cisterns, Water storage bladders, Rainwater Harvesting liners, silos, Aquaculture and Aquaponics systems, stormwater control products, Clearwell... Read More
  • Live Capture Program By Feather Free Zone

    On occasion, pest birds enter food processing/packaging plants, supermarkets, food establishments and/or pharmaceutical plants. When a pest bird enters any of these facilities, they create a hygiene problem, which is a public health concern. Thus, these pest birds must be removed... Read More
  • LIXOR Submerged Aeration System By Bio-Microbics Inc

    LIXOR® is a remarkably effective submerged aeration and mixing system. Extremely low-maintenance and surprisingly efficient, LIXOR’s non-clogging, Venturi-type diffuser supplies air for simultaneous aeration and mixing in a variety of wastewater applications. Low-cost pre- aeration, aeration,... Read More
  • Local Government Software By ACTIVE Network

    For the past 30 years, Active Network has been providing local government software to help cities and counties of all sizes deliver superior service by improving the way they are delivered to, and accessed by, citizens. Read More
  • Lock Saver Extreme Lubricant By Mil-Comm Products Co.

    Lock Saver is a synthetic lubricant protectant in an aerosol package that delivers industry-leading performance for locks and other maintenance hardware applications. LOCK SAVER creates a nearly invisible, semi-dry lubrication barrier on lock parts, so locks work smoothly ... keys don't get... Read More
  • Lockout Lever Kit 24505 By Littelfuse CVP

    Fits most Master Disconnect Switches in order to lockout/tagout as required by federal regulations. See also Cole Hersee brand 75920 Master Disconnect Switch which does not require a Lockout Kit - simply apply padlock or tagout directly to the switch. Read More
  • Lodestar Electric Chain Hoist By Columbus McKinnon Corporation

    The balanced, integrated, proven design of the Lodestar has made it the most popular electric chain hoist in the industry. Lodestar gives you more value for your money. Other features and benefits include: * Capacity: 1/8 Ton - 3 Ton * Quick change voltage board-change from low... Read More
  • Logiball Push-Type Plugs Type A & B By Logiball Inc

    The push-type Logiball inflatable plugs are offered with or without flow-thru for pipe 2″ to 6″ in diameter. They can be inflated and pushed from the cleanout with the optional semi-rigid hose assembly. Read More
  • Logiball Securimax Type A & B Plugs By Logiball Inc

    The Logiball Securimax inflatable pipe plugs are designed with high safety factors such as a two ply cross-biased reinforced SBR rubber sleeve, anchoring device and end plate retaining device for a maximum strength. These sewer plugs can be used for low pressure line acceptance testing,... Read More
  • Logiball Type "D" Large Flow-Thru plugs By Logiball Inc

    The Logiball type D inflatable plugs are a perfect tool for bypassing & bypass pumping of sewer line. The inner bladder inflated against the bypass pipe while the outside bladder seals against the pipe wall. Theses multize plugs range for 3" to 36". Read More
  • Logiball Type "E" Lightweight Plugs By Logiball Inc

    A must for submerged pipe, the light, multisize short body Logiball Type “E” allows to plug small pipes safely from the surface using a pipe handle. This pipe plug is great for these tight places. Factory prepared to accept your standard 1/2″ pipe handle. Strong anchoring chain.... Read More
  • Logiplug inflatable plugs By Logiball Inc

    Logiplug With Large Flow-Thru plugs are available for pipe sizes 4" to 24". With their large threaded bypass, they can be used in a large variety of applications such as bypass pumping & flow diversion. The Logiplug inflatable pipe plugs can also be used for stopping the flow when the flow-thru... Read More
  • Low Headroom Beam with Moveable Hooks By Columbus McKinnon Corporation

    Cady Lifters Low Headroom Beams with Movable Hooks feature load support hooks that can be easily moved to alternate locations for various length loads. Hooks are held in position with quick release pins. Additional features and benefits include: * Cady beams are designed with internal... Read More
  • Low Profile Silencers By Aeroacoustic Engineering Consultants, LLC.

    Noise Control & Aerodynamics for industrial, test-facilities, clean room/sanitary and power-gen systems for both remediation and new construction. Aeroacoustic Products, Systems and Engineering Services are offered individually and/or as complete, turn-key project. Noise Control,... Read More
  • Low profile, universal transport antenna By Sinclair Technologies

    The SM700 low profile universal transport antenna covers the full frequency band from 694 to 6000 MHz and operates without additional ground plate. It is a maximum 2.6 inches in height with white radome and one 3/4" hole mount for easy installation. Electrical Specifications: Frequency Range 1... Read More
  • LVDs - Low voltage Disconnect Switches 48610 By Littelfuse CVP

    No more dead batteries! automatically sheds specified loads when batery is low, automatically reconnects when power is restored. FlexMod LVD 48610 Compact LVD 48513 SureStart LVD 48510 - 200Amp Read More