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  • M40 Masks By ILC Dover Inc

    ILC has a long history of designing and producing protective masks, hoods, and other chemical-biological protective equipment for all branches of the military. We have produced and delivered well over two million M40/M42 protective masks. We also produce the FR-M40 mask for 3M. Read More
  • M54 Trailhead Series By Clivus Multrum Inc

    Designed for relatively low use in remote locations such as parks and golf courses, the Trailhead includes a complete composter-building package that offers a superior alternative to portable toilets and pit latrines. The composting unit is buried and serves as the foundation for the... Read More
  • Magnetic Manhole Cover Lifts By Industrial Magnetics, Inc.

    Manhole cover lifts make it easy to remove and replace covers. The deep reaching strength of the PowerLift® magnets penetrate textured surfaces often found on manhole covers. Once magnet(s) are attached, use a hoist or lift dolly (see MCL2000 and MCL3000) to move the manhole covers. Read More
  • Managed Services By ACTIVE Network

    Active Network, Government's Managed Services provides call center capabilities to federal, state and local governments for a variety of programs and initiatives. With over 500 customer service agents, we are uniquely positioned to deliver cost-efficient services as both an operator of citizen... Read More
  • Manhole Rehabilitation By National Power Rodding

    Our manhole rehabilitation specialists can solve your manhole infiltration/inflow problems; restoring your structures to "better than new" condition in less time than it would take to replace them — and for a fraction of the cost. Read More
  • Manhole Rehabilitation By Carylon Corporation

    Our manhole rehabilitation specialists can solve your manhole infiltration/inflow problems; restoring your structures to "better than new" condition in less time than it would take to replace them — and for a fraction of the cost. Read More
  • Manhole Steps By IVERNA 2000 S.L.

    Iverna 2000 S.L. is the only leading manufacturer of manhole steps with its own test laboratory for type testing in accordance with EN13101, ASTM C-478, C-497. Currently seeking a distributor in USA, benefits guaranteed.(West and East Coast) More than 20 years experience in the manufacture of... Read More
  • Manhole Tools By Pelsue Company

    Over 40 years of experience and a commitment to quality and customer service have made Pelsue a trusted name when it comes to a manhole work area. Our universally recognized Pelsue Manhole Shields, Manhole protection equipment and Manhole Guards set the standard for manhole safety. Our... Read More
  • Manitou M Series Rough Terrain Forklift By Manitou Americas, Inc.

    The versatile M Series from Manitou ... 6,000, 8,000, and 10,000 lb. capacities rough terrain masted forklifts give users the option of two or four wheel drive; torque convertor or hydrostatic transmission; open, semi or fully enclosed cabs; and many Manitou manufactured mast height choices.... Read More
  • Manitransit Truck Mounted Forklift By Manitou Americas, Inc.

    Manitou offers several models and options in its Manitransit TMT Series. The Truck Mounted Telescopics were introduced over ten years ago and are still the most unique concept available in the truck mounted forklift marketplace today. The “Manitransit” was designed utilizing application and... Read More
  • MarineFAST Sewage Treatment Units By Bio-Microbics Inc

    Scienco/FAST, the marine equipment division of Bio-Microbics, Inc., specializes in sewage treatment systems for the marine and offshore markets. Scienco/FAST has more than 35 years experience in manufacturing sewage treatment systems, water processing, industrial detergent / cleaning supplies,... Read More
  • MARK E Dump Body By Henderson Products, Inc

    Henderson's MARK E dump body is available for both single and tandem axle truck chassis. It is 100% customizable. Start by selecting from an underbody or telescopic hoist. Many side bracing and profile options available. Multiple tailgate configurations are available. Select from an array of... Read More
  • Master Battery Disconnect Switch 75920 By Littelfuse CVP

    New 300A Disconnect Switch cuts off all vehicle power: 1. Eliminates overnight battery drain. 2. Secures vehicle for maintenance (OSHA requirement). 3. In an accident, emergency services can kill the current. Protects against tampering & battery drain. Can be locked-out or tagged-out. 300A... Read More
  • Mats, Matting & Entrance Tile By R C Musson Rubber Co

    The R.C. Musson Rubber Co. is a premier supplier of many types and styles of matting products, from customized logo entryway mats to heavy duty rubber floor coverings for the weight room. These engineering designed top-quality products are the result of years of research and development.... Read More
  • Max Swipes Graffiti Remover Towlettes By Exterior Performance Coatings, Inc

    A convenient container offers single application towlettes for quick graffiti removal on spray painted graffiti, marker, pen, ink, crayon, shoe polish, lipstick, pencil, and most other graffiti marks or stains from a wide range of durable smooth surfaces. MAX SWIPES Graffiti Remover Towelette... Read More
  • MaxiForce Collapsible Traffic Control Bollards By MaxiForce™ Bollards

    MaxiForce collapsible traffic control bollards are available in two different operation options including the Standard Hydrant-Wrench Operated Bollard and the Standard Padlock Operated Bollard. All collapsible bollards include the following features: •Folds down to 3-9/16” high •Unlocks and... Read More
  • MaxiForce Removable Traffic Control Bollard By MaxiForce™ Bollards

    Blue Ember Technologies offers 3 MaxiForce removable traffic control bollards including the Standard and Round Hydrant-Wrench Operated Bollard, Standard and Round Padlock Operated Bollard, and the Heavy-Duty Padlock Operated Bollard. Read More
  • MaxiForce Traffic Control Bollards By MaxiForce™ Bollards

    MaxiForce Traffic Control Bollards offer a complete and varied line of traffic control bollards for a wide range of applications. Our bollards are all designed to be completely serviceable and extremely customizable to match your needs in terms of look, function, and cost. Read More
  • MCW 100S By Fleming Metal Fabricators

    The MCW100S Mobile Computer Workstation has been designed to maximize your workspace by storing your PC, monitor, printer and supplies out of sight and away from the work surface. Cabinet constucted of formed steel sections welded for longevity. Stainless steel top cleans easily, packages and... Read More
  • MCW300 Mobile Computer Workstation By Fleming Metal Fabricators

    The MCW300 is a self contained mobile computer workstation allowing the end users to perform a multitude of tasks. It is designed to house all the equipment necessary to perform daily routines while providing a Neutral Reach Zone. The Softview professional slidig ergonomic keyboard and mouse... Read More
  • MCW700 Mobile Computer Workstation By Fleming Metal Fabricators

    The MCW700 Mobile Computer Workstation allows the operator to position the components vertically in the order of importance, thus minimizing operator movement. Workstation will accept up to 20" monitors. Locking monitor door with Southco lock. Easily replacable opically clear 1/4" safety... Read More
  • Medical Waste Shredding By SSI Shredding Systems , Inc.

    Custom Shredding Systems for Destruction of a Variety of Medical Wastes <ul> <li>Red Bag</li> <li>Linens</li> <li>Plastic Sheets</li> <li>Latex Gloves</li> <li>Syringes and Sharps Containers</li> <li>Boxed Medical Waste</li> </ul> Read More
  • Medium Duty Service Body By Stahl Truck Bodies

    MDST Medium Duty truck service bodies provide multiple storage compartments and generous cargo space for medium-duty work trucks. These service bodies are constructed with heavier gauge steel than our standard MDST service bodies making them a durable, rugged solution for demanding medium-duty... Read More
  • Memorial & Dedication Products By Carrot - Top Industries

    Use any of our memorial and dedication products to commemorate, recognize, or dedicate your appreciation for anyone. Customize a bronze plaque or choose from our stock bronze military seals for a distinguished touch. Our grave markers are available in 3 finishes to offer options for every... Read More
  • Merchant Card Services- “Business Expense Cost-Savings Services” By Business Expense Cost-Savings Services

    We can help reduce your annual Merchant Card Services spend by thoroughly reviewing, auditing, analyzing and optimizing these services with your existing vendors/services. We find where they have been overcharging your business! It would be our PRIVILEGE to hold your vendors accountable and keep... Read More
  • Messenger Interior™ By ASI

    ASI's Messenger Interior’s pure, slim-line, flat-face panels complement the widest range of architectural styles. The system is precision engineered using the most advanced production technologies to create a contemporary appearance that is easily adaptable in rapidly changing environments.... Read More
  • metaforms By Metal Forms Corp

    Steel concrete forms for roads, highways, sidewalks, bridges and airport runways. Includes barrier forms and curb and gutter setups. Read More
  • Metal Utility Markers By Berntsen International Inc

    Protect your buried facilities from damage Berntsen Concrete Utility Warning Markers are a perfect defense against damage to buried facilities. The "C" style markers are the equivalent of the Corps of Engineers Type 1 disc, and can be customized online with your imprint. The C style is a... Read More
  • Metals Shredding By SSI Shredding Systems , Inc.

    SSI Manufactures Shredding Systems For a Wide Range of Scrap Metal Applications <strong>Size/Volume Reduction</strong> Shredding of metals for volume reduction can simplify material handling, minimize storage space and reduce transportation and disposal costs. SSI has built shredders to... Read More
  • MICHELIN XDN2 Tire By Michelin Americas Truck Tires

    The XDN2 tire is an all-weather, non-directional, premium drive tire optimized for exceptional traction with no compromise on tread wear. Read More
  • MICHELIN XZE2 Tire By Michelin Americas Truck Tires

    The XZE2 tire is an exceptional, regional, all-position radial with extra-wide, extra-deep tread designed to help deliver our best wear in high scrub applications. Read More
  • Microcat By Bioscience Inc

    MICROCAT products are a unique combination of specialized naturally-occurring microbes and other ingredients. They can help to promote waste treatment levels at or below compliance requirements while saving operating expenses. Powdered activated carbon, when included, acts as a buffer by... Read More
  • MicroFAST Wastewater Treatment Systems By Bio-Microbics Inc

    MicroFAST® wastewater treatment systems are ideally suited for use in residential dwellings, clustered residential developments and small communities. MicroFAST modules can also be used to upgrade struggling municipal package plants, providing small communities with innovative, affordable... Read More
  • Micro-Seal Silane Siloxane Water Repellant - Sealer By Exterior Performance Coatings, Inc

    Micro-Seal is a superior, top of the line 100% active, low VOC, clear penetrating water repellent with a unique blend of silane/siloxanes and exclusive Micro-Lok formulation for use on horizontal and vertical concrete, brick, and other porous surfaces. Micro-seal™ forms a long-chain water... Read More
  • Midland Super Strong Shackle By Columbus McKinnon Corporation

    CM Carbon Midland Super Strong Shackle * Capacity: 1/2 Ton - 35 Ton * All shackles meet or exceed Federal Specification RRC-271D * Working Load Limit and traceability codes shown as permanent marking on body and pin * Available in painted, galvanized and self-colored... Read More
  • MIG-600 Low Loss Communications Coax Cable, Solid BCCAI Conductor, Bonded AL/Foil + 95% TC Braiding By Primus Cable

    LMR Type - MIG-600 Low Loss Communications Coax Cable We are the leading supplier of high performance cables. Our MIG-600 cable offers equivalent characteristics and performance to other existing industry cables such as Commscope WBC-600®, Times Microwave LMR-600®, Andrew CNT-600®, etc. Our... Read More
  • Migrate While Active By Vision Solutions, Inc.

    Overview - Perform most upgrade and migration work during the normal workweek - Achieve huge savings by reducing downtime from days to minutes - Reduce costs by consolidating servers using many-to-one replication/synchronization Migrate While Active™ eliminates the pain normally associated with... Read More
  • Military & Government By JLG Industries, Inc.

    JLG manufactures three telehandlers exclusively for the United States military: the ATLAS, ATLAS II, and Millenia Military Vehicle (MMV). These highly maneuverable, rugged material handlers are engineered for a variety of demanding military applications such as combat operations, logistics... Read More
  • Miller Turbo T-BAK Tie-Back Personal Fall Limiter By Miller Fall Prevention & Protection Training

    The first and only self-retracting lifeline designed to tie-back anywhere along the lifeline for greater mobility and convenience. Features an all-in-one design that incorporates a web retractable with 7.5-ft. working capacity and anchorage connector, reducing equipment required on the jobsite,... Read More
  • Miller TurboLite Personal Fall Limiter By Miller Fall Prevention & Protection Training

    Miller TurboLite Personal Fall Limiter (or self-retracting lifeline) -- a lightweight and compact alternative to shock-absorbing lanyards. With the compact and lightweight TurboLite PFL, workers will no longer need to ‘switch-out’ equipment to maintain a safe fall distance. • First... Read More
  • MIller Twin Turbo Personal Fall Limiter By Miller Fall Prevention & Protection Training

    Incorporates an innovative D-ring connector on the back of a full-body harness with two (2) Miller TurboLite™ Personal Fall Limiters (or self-retracting lifelines) for 100% tie-off fall protection. The Miller Twin Turbo 100% Tie-Off System: • Provides a unique connector that easily mounts to... Read More
  • MIMIX High Availability By Vision Solutions, Inc.

    Overview - Eliminate the business costs and consequences of downtime. - Easily comply with data protection and availability regulations. - Minimize high availability administration costs and maximize data integrity. Built for the most demanding enterprises, MIMIX HA for i5/OS® protects business... Read More
  • MINE SPEC I™ By Allmand Bros. Inc.

    Engine: Kubota D-1105 BG liquid-cooled diesel, 13.1 hp | 8 kW generator (standard) Caterpillar C1.1 liquid-cooled diesel, 14.3 hp | 8 kW generator (optional) Generator: 8 kW 1-phase 120/240V Starting: 12V electric; pre-heat cold starting system Fuel Capacity: 100 gallon (378... Read More
  • Mini-Cam Television Inspection By Carylon Corporation

    Pipe lines and other areas previously inaccessible due to their size or location can now be easily and economically inspected. Using specially designed miniature cameras and equipment, Carylon company technicians can internally inspect piping as small as 2 inches in diameter. They can see... Read More
  • Mobile Power Trailers By Pelsue Company

    Air Conditioning Available Read More
  • Model 5H Oil Skimmer By Oil Skimmers, Inc.

    The Model 5H is a compact oil skimmer specially designed for small or hard-to-get-at places or in congested plant areas where the unit can be located within 3 feet of the water level. Like our Model 6V Brill™, it is fully automatic, works 24/7, and can be installed on open or closed tanks. We... Read More
  • Model 602 Sludge Depth Meter By Markland Specialty Engineering Ltd

    Measuring the sludge level in dissolved air floatation tanks, SBR’s, inclined plate clarifiers, tanks and clarifiers is easy with the Model 602 Sludge Depth Meter. It quickly automates your sludge level detection. The meter has 4 power levels to adjust for different concentrations of sludge.... Read More
  • Model 6V Oil Skimmer By Oil Skimmers, Inc.

    The Oil Skimmers Model 6V waste oil recovery system removes animal, vegetable and petroleum-based oils, fats, greases, and oily wastes that float on the surface of water or other liquids. The unit removes as much as 100 gallons of waste oil per hour and discharges it into a drum so efficiently... Read More
  • Model C-300 Density-Moisture Gauge By Seaman Nuclear Corp

    The Model C-300 Analyzer with its Untouchable mode, offers the fastest testing capability in the industry. Untouchable reduces the gauge's sensitivity to uneven surfaces. It reduces your labor costs dramatically. In today's economy, it will give you that important competitive edge! The C-300... Read More
  • Model C-75 Density-Moisture Gauge By Seaman Nuclear Corp

    The Model C-75 Analyzer with its Untouchable mode, offers the fastest testing capability in the industry. Untouchable reduces the gauge's sensitivity to uneven surfaces. It reduces your labor costs dramatically. In today's economy, it will give you that important competitive edge! The C-75... Read More
  • Model R-50 Roof Moisture Gauge By Seaman Nuclear Corp

    The R-50 locates hidden moisture in flat and low slope roofs. Now, you can identify areas needing repair before severe deterioration of the roof system occurs. Plus, nuclear testing is the only nondestructive method to indicate the degree of moisture present, so you can distinguish five or more... Read More
  • MOHAWK LIFTS By Mohawk Lifts

    Mohawk, the undisputed leader in lift technology, offers environmentally safe above ground lifts ranging from 6,000 to 240,000 pound capacities. Since 1981 Mohawk has manufactured the highest quality, safest auto and truck lifts available. Mohawk is the #1 lift supplier for all government,... Read More
  • Motor Controls for Water & Wastewater By Revere Control Systems

    We are experienced with low and medium voltage controllers, variable frequency drives (VFD) and DC controls. We have 30 years of experience with motor control centers (MCC), and we are solution providers for major MCC vendors. We're experienced with most major brands and can provide... Read More
  • Motor Grader By Caterpillar Inc / GovBidSpec

    The M Series 2 Motor Graders are robust machines suited to a variety of heavy construction, general construction and governmental segments. This machine offers the flexibility to work in a variety of applications including heavy blading, road maintenance, ripping, as well as precise finish work. Read More
  • Mountable Raised Curb Systems By Pexco, Davidson Traffic Control Products

    FG 300 Interstate Grade Curb System Modular Lane Separation and Median Barrier System The Interstate Grade FG 300 Curb System is a median separation system that provides efficient and cost-effective channelization of traffic on freeways, toll-ways, city streets and rail-highway at-grade... Read More
  • MPlus+ Portable Push System By CUES, Inc.

    The CUES MPlus+™ offers the most feature packed lateral and mini-mainline push system on the market. The MPlus+ and MPPLUS EXCEL offer a complete solution for push inspection of laterals and mainlines. The MPlus+ modular design combines easy operation with its refined All-In-One set up with... Read More
  • Mud Cat Diesel-Driven Auger Dredges By Liquid Waste Technology LLC

    LWT's dredging systems are used for aeration lagoon / pond dredging applications. A dredging system for removal and disposal of raw sewage solids, decayed algae and microorganisms, and algae-laden sludge results in a long term solution for treatment plants. Aeration lagoon / pond dredging... Read More
  • Mud Cat dredges By Mud Cat Dredges

    Diesel engine driven dredges for water and wastewater dredging. Read More
  • Mud Cat Multi-Function Dredge By Mud Cat Dredges

    New Mud Cat Multi-Function Dredge with mechanical and hydraulic dredging capabilities. Additional quick attach tools include a weed rake and pile driver. Dredge can self unload and mobilize without a crane. One truck transportable. This new multifunction dredge can be used for ice breakup on... Read More
  • MULTI-FLOW By GDE Control Products Inc

    REQUEST A SAMPLE AND LITERATURE ONLINE. Multi-Flow is a superior drainage system, that dramatically enhances the lifespan of a perforated round pipe drain. Round pipe drains, commonly referred to as French drains, have a life expectancy of 3-8 years before they fail. Multi-Flow's unique... Read More
  • MuniBody By Henderson Products, Inc

    Henderson's MuniBody is a multipurpose or combination body that works year 'round. In the Spring, Summer and Fall it operates as a true dump body. Handles mulch, dirt, gravel, rock and asphalt without issue. In the Winter months it doubles as a true sand and salt spreader. Simply remove the... Read More
  • Municipal Payment Management By ACTIVE Network

    Our municipal software includes payment management and cashiering solutions centralize payment collections and financial transactions across the entire organization, while enhancing citizen service with simplified transactions such as government online payments. Citizens are provided with... Read More
  • Museum Graphics By Metropolitan Graphics

    You can trust Metropolitan Graphics for ultra high quality printing for brilliant graphics featuring vivid colors, high contrast and crisp images. Printed at super high-resolution and with double ink passes, your bright colors will pop against deep darks, while even the smallest text remains... Read More
  • Mutt Mitts, Inc. By Mutt Mitt

    Mutt Mitt®—The Pet Pollution Solution® Better than a bag, Mutt Mitts are designed for ease of use featuring a unique deep bottom gusset to collect and contain waste matter. Unlike bags on rolls, Mutt Mitts dispense one-at-a-time, thus reducing loss and minimizing cost per patron visit.... Read More
  • Mylec Dekmat By Mylec, Inc.

    DEKMAT is an indoor/outdoor polyethylene modular floor covering. Installation is economical and quickly accomplished without the use of any special tools. Constructed in compact 3" x 12" modules, you simply snap and lock them together to create your own custom flooring solution. DEKMAT's... Read More