Products in the City & County Government Marketplace

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  • Occupant Safety Systems By ZF TRW Automotive

    Protecting people. That’s the aim of our ongoing tradition of occupant safety innovation. TRW is continually developing advanced solutions to anticipate and react to the many variables of a crash. Our sophisticated systems utilize an array of electronic sensors to gather and analyze data, which... Read More
  • Oce PlotWave 500 By CityBlue Technologies

    Print, copy, and scan with the Océ PlotWave 500 printing system. Now in a single-footprint configuration, print or copy in high quality monochrome, or scan in color or monochrome, and take control of your project workflows with the power you need to print faster, share faster, and finish... Read More
  • OEM HP 98 Ink Cartridge, HP C9364WN By Databazaar

    Genuine HP 98 Ink Cartridge, C9364WN. The Original HP 98 Inkjet cartridge has a yield of 420 pages. This HP Black cartridge works with HP DeskJet, OfficeJet, PhotoSmart printers. Read More
  • OilTrap Environmental Electrocoagulation Water Treatment System By OilTrap Environmental Products, Inc.

    Electrocoagulation is a Green Technology that uses a very low voltage DC electrical charge to clean the water. It uses a proprietary treatment chamber where the DC current is applied to treat a wide range of differing waste streams containing heavy metals, oil & grease, TSS and more. Not only... Read More
  • Ojmar Locks By Ojmar ES

    At Ojmar we have been delivering solutions for nearly 100 years. We understand the value of individualized attention, adapted to the specific needs of each project and each customer. Our products reflect our long term philosophy. Our quality engineering ensures long life and our full... Read More
  • Okidata 52102001 Printer Ribbon By Databazaar

    Genuine Okidata ML320, ML321, 100 Series Printer Ribbon. Okidata 52102001 Black Ribbon for Okidata Dot-Matrix and Microline Printers. Read More
  • Omega By Diamond Traffic Products

    The Omega Timestamp Counter/Classifier is high end vehicle traffic recording unit that uses pneumatic road tubes sensors. The unit is extremely compact and lightweight in a 0.250 thick extruded aluminum wall case that is waterproof. It is programmable by a PC or laptop using either a hardwire... Read More
  • OMS/DMS High Availability By Vision Solutions, Inc.

    Overview - Virtually eliminate downtime – along with the business costs and consequences it creates. - Scale high availability benefits across even the largest, most demanding environments. - Protect data accuracy with multi-layered integrity checking and correction. OMS/ODS for IBM i is an... Read More
  • OneGov By RTVision, Inc.

    A permit management solution that automates the permit process for easier, more efficient permit management for both the applicant and the agency. With OneGov applicants have the flexibility to submit permit applications online anytime. Email notifications and mobile-enabled viewing, make it... Read More
  • OneOffice By RTVision, Inc.

    OneOffice is a complete infrastructure construction project management solution from project funding allocation through pay requests. Efficiently manage infrastructure and maintenance projects, while keeping Agencies, Consultants and Contractors in sync with access to real-time information to... Read More
  • Online Service Requests By PubWorks/Tracker Software Corp

    * Call Tracking * GIS Integrated * Web and Email Enabled * Assignment by Employee and Department * Resident Tracking * Call Prioritization and Action Scheduling * Document and Picture Attachments * Remote Synchronization * Performance Analysis *... Read More
  • On-Site Soil/Sludge Remediation By Carylon Corporation

    Experienced 40 hour OSHA trained heavy equipment operators enable Carylon companies to complete site remediation projects such as lagoon closures/cappings, routine removal of contaminated soils/sludge, and EPA regulated site closures. Read More
  • Operator10 Wastewater Data Management Software By AllMax Software Inc.

    Define your treatment process and Operator10 will create and calculate the treatment-specific formulas to provide process control information at your fingertips. Loadings, removals, solids inventory, F/M ratio, SVI and hydraulic rates are just a few of the many calculations available. Built-in... Read More
  • Operator10 Water Management Software By AllMax Software Inc.

    The Operator10 water data management module enables you to manage, compare and track weather, utility costs and water data: surface water, ground water, drinking water, wastewater, and process flows. Use Operator10 to enter site names, numbers, locations, frequency, permit limits, federal and... Read More
  • Optimum 1930 E By Halot Group

    Electric scissor lift from Haulotte Group with 24' 11" working height, 507 lb lift capacity, and 2' 6" in width. Only 6' 7" stowed height and weighs 3131 lb. Haulotte Group | BilJax - your full line provider of access equipment. Read More
  • Otterbine Aerating Fountains By Otterbine Barebo Inc.

    Otterbine Aerating Fountains should not be confused with floating fountains. These surface spray aerators are engineered to provide results, and are supported by a 5-year warranty and Pattern Guarantee. Energy Efficient: Low amperage systems mean less electrical consumption and low running... Read More
  • Otterbine Air Flo Diffused Aeration By Otterbine Barebo Inc.

    Diffused air is a simple concept which entails pumping air through a pipe or tubing and releasing this air though a diffuser below the water’s surface. The Air Flo 2 system has no visible pattern. Able to operate in depths up to and exceeding 40ft or 12m, the Air Flo 2 is unique to the... Read More
  • Otterbine Giant Fountains By Otterbine Barebo Inc.

    Otterbine's Giant Fountain line features five decorative patterns available in 10HP, 15HP and 25HP systems. This product is often specified by landscape architects for premier locations whenever a dramatic focus to a landscape water feature is desired. Resorts, amusement parks, and corporate... Read More
  • Otterbine High Volume Aerator By Otterbine Barebo Inc.

    Otterbine’s experience in wastewater treatment for over 60 years is obvious in the performance and results delivered by their ultimate surface aeration unit the High Volume. The High Volume system provides over 3.3 lbs. of oxygen per horsepower hour, and pumping over 900GPM. The rugged... Read More
  • Otterbine Industrial Aerators By Otterbine Barebo Inc.

    Otterbine surface and sub-surface Industrial Aeration Systems provide unique solutions to managing water quality from low profile patterns to horizontal mixers and can be used in a variety of applications. These systems include: Otterbine Mixers: (Surface & Sub-Surface) Otterbine Mixers offer... Read More
  • Otterbine Large Aerating Fountains By Otterbine Barebo Inc.

    Offered in 7.5HP & 10HP, Otterbine Large Aerating Fountains are ideal for those seeking an impressive and generous fountain display with the benefits of aeration. Engineered for simplified installation and maintenance while producing spectacular fountain-like displays, our Large Aerating... Read More
  • Otterbine Mixers (Surface & Sub-Surface) By Otterbine Barebo Inc.

    Industrial Aerators : Surface & Subsurface Mixer Otterbine Mixers offer incredible pumping rates and are ideal for shallow areas, such as coastlines and inlets or wherever directional flow is needed. Available in floating Triton and subsurface Sub-Triton configurations. Product... Read More
  • Outdoor Exercise Equipment By Best Litter Receptacles Inc

    Outdoor exercise equipment includes: -Leg Extension -Leg Press -Recumbent Cycle -Upright Cycle -Sit-Up Back Extension -Lat Pull Down -Hand Cycle -Chest Press Station -Elliptical -Cardio Walker -Plyometric Box Station -Push-Up Station -Horizontal Chin-Up Station -Chin-up Station -Balance... Read More
  • Outdoor LED Backlit Signs with Any Message – The Phenix Series By iSIGNS Inc.

    Outdoor LED Backlit Signs with Any Message – The Phenix Series The Phenix Led Sign Series creates hybrid units with the best benefits of our TCL Led sign technology and the visual appeal of the popular, but now discontinued neon TC sign series. The Phenix brings outdoor backlit LED signs to life... Read More
  • Outdoor LED Fixtures By Juno Lighting Group

    AccuLite brand LED outdoor fixtures; floodlighting for facades, landscaping and signs; building-mounted architectural lighting; perimeter and security lighting; vandal resistant and pathway lighting. Read More
  • Outdoor LED Open Closed Signs are ideal for Drive Thru Lanes By iSIGNS Inc.

    Outdoor LED Open Closed Signs are ideal for Drive Thru Lanes Our LED OPEN CLOSED Signs are an industry standard for many bank groups. Often referred to as lane lights, they are ideal for quickly indicating which drive thru lanes are open to serve customers. These signs carry bright, easy to read... Read More
  • Outdoor Lighting for Hospitality Businesses By Philips Lighting

    Philips manufacturers an extensive list of outdoor lighting equipment for hospitality industry applications, including pool and parking areas, such as: The MasterColor® Pulse Start ED231, which features ALTO® lamp technology, high energy savings and extra long life to reduce maintenance costs,... Read More
  • Outdoor Series Portable Air Compressors and Generators By Mi-T-M Corp

    Mi-T-M's Outdoor Series includes portable equipment such as: electric air compressors (AC1-HE02-050D, AC1-VE02-200D); cold water pressure washers (CM-3000-0DLB, CV-2400-0DMC); portable generators (GEN-3600-0DM0, GEN-6000-0DM0, GEN-8000-0DME); portable heaters (MH-0018-0D10, MH-0070-0D10); and,... Read More
  • Oxygen Generators (PSA & VPSA) By AirSep Corp. – A Chart Industries Company

    In business for more than 23 years, the Commercial Products Division of AirSep® Corporation manufacturers time-tested PSA Oxygen Systems that produce oxygen from compressed air. With dew points of -100 degrees F (-73 degrees C) and purities of 90-95% at up to 65 psig (445 kPa) without... Read More
  • OxyStream™ Oxidation Ditch By WesTech Engineering Inc

    The OxyStream™ Oxidation Ditch system combines slow speed surface aerators with an oxidation ditch design based on site-specific conditions and our proprietary hydraulic model. The oxidation ditch has been proven effective in extended aeration applications throughout the world. The extended... Read More