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  • Radar Display Signs By Traffic Safety Warehouse

    We carry the the latest, most effective technology radar speed signs. radar trailers and speed display message products. All our radar displays are affordably priced. Choose from AC, battery or even more economical solar power models in 12" and up to 48" speed display sizes. We also carry a... Read More
  • Radar Speed Sign By Information Display Company

    SpeedCheck radar speed signs are chosen by more U.S. cities than any other speed display. Durable, versatile and effective, these radar speed displays are proven to slow traffic near school zones, on neighborhood streets, in work zones and other locations where pedestrian and worker safety is a... Read More
  • RailGuard™ VRA Crossing By OMNI Products, Inc

    OMNI Virgin Rubber RailGuard™ (VRA) is made from 100% virgin rubber. VRA protects the track structure by absorbing traffic impact loads, provides a positive flangeway which controls surface water runoff, and prevents breakup of the asphalt at the rail interface. The VRA design has several... Read More
  • RAILIFT™ By Maxon Lift Corp

    FOR TODAY’S MOST DEMANDING DISTRIBUTION REQUIREMENTS Maxon was the first to bring the rail style liftgate to the United States during the 1970s. The Railift™ Series is a classic that never goes out of style because its heavy-duty level ride and dock loading capability are designed to handle... Read More
  • Ratchet Type Load Binders By Columbus McKinnon Corporation

    Ratchet Type Load Binders: * WLL: 2,600 lbs - 13,000 lbs * Each ratchet component is forged from pure alloy steel * Handle is designed loose using self-locking one-way bolts allowing easy removal of unwanted debris such as mud, snow or ice * Proof tested to 50% of the minimum... Read More
  • Raven Lining Systems By Raven Lining Systems

    Raven Lining Systems provides coating solutions for protecting and renewing water and wastewater infrastructures. Raven engineered products are provided through a Certified Applicator network whose expertise can significantly extend the life of your infrastructure. Read More
  • Razorooter(R) II By Duke's Root Control Inc.

    Duke’s uses the most effective chemicals and methods. Duke’s continually researches the most effective products available. Razorooter® II is the only diquat-based herbicide registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for controlling nuisance tree roots in sanitary sewer line... Read More
  • RD60 LED Recessed Downlight - Trimless By Specialty Lighting

    This 8 watt, energy saving, trimless LED downlight comes in two lamp temperatures (2700K and 3000K) with six housing colors to choose from, making the RD60 a solid solution for nearly any downlight application where up to 50 fixtures can be linked. LED integrated technology means no driver is... Read More
  • Rebar & Pipe Caps By Berntsen International Inc

    Survey caps for rebar with SureGrip plastic insulators ... another first from Berntsen, makes good sense. Fast and easy installation helps you lower costs in the field. Feedback from our customers told us that: a good rebar cap would not "wobble" when tapped on the rebar. Berntsen's rebar... Read More
  • RecoverNow By Vision Solutions, Inc.

    Overview - Faster, more reliable and more complete recovery than from backup tapes alone. - Quickly and easily recover just one or many files, objects or libraries. - Powerful Continuous Data Protection (CDP) “rewind” capabilities to recover damaged or deleted data at any point in time. Use... Read More
  • Recycled Plastic Benches By Kay Park-Recreation Corp

    Sustainable Recycled Plastic Benches, Timbers, Car Stops, Receptacles, and Message Centers. Read More
  • Recycling Receptacles By Best Litter Receptacles Inc

    Best Litter can provide recycling collection lids for all models of their receptacles. Shown below are the permanent, concrete receptacles with liners, and the heavy duty polyethylene RTC-1000 Collection System. Read More
  • RediMat By Detectable Warning Systems

    Surface applied detectable warning with proprietary peel and stick technology. Unbreakable polyurethane material is flexible to conform to uneven surfaces. Installs in less than 10 minutes and has a 5-year warranty. Detectable Warning Systems - providers of innovative detectable warning... Read More
  • Refurbishing Metal Signs - Hydrostripper By Advanced Waterjet Technologies Inc

    Advance Waterjet Technologies Manufactures and utilizes the Hydrostripper to refurbish road signs. This process is enviromently friendly using nothing more than clean water. The process allows for road signs to have the sheeting removed with out damage to the substrate of the aluminum. Saving... Read More
  • Reinco Hydrograsser HG-5H3 By Reinco Inc

    5000-8000 square foot 'One Step Seeding' capacity and 125 foot spray range, this is the ideal unit for residential, municipal, recreational and small commercial seeding jobs. A full acre coverage using the 'Two Step Method'. Reinco has combined vertical hydraulic mixing with hydro-jet agitation... Read More
  • Reinco Power Mulcher M-65 By Reinco Inc

    Looking for productivity? Conservatively rated at 10 tons of hay or straw mulch per hour, with an 85 foot discharge placement range, this 56 horsepower, mid-sized trailer mounted unit makes short work of bigger sites. Read More
  • Reinco Power Mulcher M90 By Reinco Inc

    Got big work? Choose the biggest and most productive trailer mounted unit, rated at 20 tons per hour of hay or straw mulch at up to 100 foot effective discharge placement range. One operator controls the range and the feed rate. The hydraulic feed system segments the bales into the patented... Read More
  • Reinco Power Mulcher TM-35 By Reinco Inc

    The TM-35 will handle up to 5 tons of hay or straw per hour (that's 2 to 3 acres of mulching), with discharge at ranges to 60 feet, or adapt for hose to reach areas where vehicle access is prohibited. Compact enough for the average job, tough enough for big jobs! Versatile trailer mounted... Read More
  • Reinco Power Mulcher TM-JR By Reinco Inc

    This little machine will process up to 2 tons of hay or straw mulch per hour with direct discharge up to 35 feet, add hose for remote placement applications, the optional vacuum adaptor kit helps pickup leaves and light debris. Small enough to transport in a pickup bed. Versatile trailer... Read More
  • Reinco Tack Applicator HG-2 By Reinco Inc

    This 250 gallon capacity machine fits in the back of a half ton pickup truck to apply a half acre charge of tackifier slurry over new mulch. Available skid or trailer mounted. Standard 1-1/4" hose is utilized to spray up to 180 feet with extention hoses. As a 'Mini-Hydrograsser' mix up a slurry... Read More
  • Reinforced Polyethylene (RPE) By Watersaver Co. a division of Consolidated Divisions Inc

    Reinforced Polyethylene has outstanding tear resistance/puncture strength, UV-Stable/excellent weathering strength. It is dimensionally stable, has excellent flexibility and chemical resistance. We stock 30mil. Read More
  • Reliant Engine Oil By D-A Lubricant Co.

    Reliant Engine Oil is available in the right grade and API specification to meet your needs, whether you are using older equipment or the equipment using the CJ-4 oils. Available in package or bulk. D-A offers a complete line of Performance Engineered Lubricants. Read More
  • Removable Bollards By Reliance Foundry Co. Ltd.

    For outdoor locations where change of accessibility is needed, Reliance Foundry offers a range of removable steel Bollards. Our lockable, emergency access traffic Bollards provide roadway and pathway definition, while diverting vehicle access when required. Bollards – posts used to control... Read More
  • Removable Bollards By Traffic Safety Warehouse

    Durable portable bollards and removable bollard posts at low wholesale prices. Removable bollards are perfect for areas with changing vehicle access requirements like valet stands, parking lots, maintenance areas, restricted pedestrian areas, warehouse loading and work zones. They are easy to... Read More
  • Rental Generators By Cummins Inc.

    A new line of Rental Power units designed specifically for rental power applications are now for sale in sizes from 60 kW to 1000 kW. The new units offer benefits that include: Easy–to–operate customer interface — allowing quick voltage changes to maximize flexibility and minimize setup.... Read More
  • Reorganize While Active By Vision Solutions, Inc.

    Reduce Disk Usage and Improve Performance, without Downtime Overview - Save money by dramatically reducing storage requirements and improving application performance - Efficiently detect and quickly act on any reorganization issues - Efficiently reorganize files containing almost any kind of... Read More
  • Repair Clamp By The Ford Meter Box Co Inc

    Ford Repair Clamps combine the corrosion-resistant characteristics of stainless steel and the sealing capabilities of rubber to provide a strong, dependable and versatile repair clamp. Available as all stainless steel or with ductile iron lugs, Ford Clamps are second to none! Read More
  • Repsonder 4000 By Decatur Electronics Inc

    The first in car video unit to truly integrate police radar into the video processor, allowing you to capture great evidence, along with radar metadata, at once. Read More
  • Request for Proposals Guide (CD-ROM) By NAFA Fleet Management Association

    Instructional CD-ROM with step-by-step instruction for preparing an effective RFP. Save time by directly accessing numerous reference documents and samples, including Process Flow and Statement of Work. Valuable tool for experienced RFP writers and novices alike. Read More
  • Rescue & Retrieval Equipment By Pelsue Company

    From davit systems to tripods, Pelsue has the safety equipment to meet the most demanding emergency situations. Everything in our fall arrest line is designed, engineered and manufactured by us — we've even patented several of our products. We offer a complete line of OSHA required fall... Read More
  • Retaining Walls and Slopes By Tensar International Corporation

    Sites with grade separation requirements present a number of challenges with an even greater number of potential solutions. Confined construction footprints, limited access, seismic and settlement activity, environmental restrictions and more – all pose significant design, construction and... Read More
  • Retractable Traffic Bollards By Reliance Foundry Co. Ltd.

    For sites where changing pathway access is required, Reliance Foundry offers a unique range of retractable bollards - with complimentary removable and fixed bollards available. Our retractable bollards provide roadway and pathway definition, in places where changing vehicle and pedestrian... Read More
  • Road Construction Supplies By Traffic Safety Warehouse

    The best pricing on construction and safety equipment - barricades, traffic cones, constructions signs and much more. We source out the best quality construction products, ordering in bulk to save you money. Fast shipping and great service. Read More
  • road marking equipment By Linetech Equipment Mfg. Ltd.

    Road marking equipment - truck mounted, skid mounted or walk behind sizes. Equipment for traffic paint, thermoplastic, methacrylate or other durable markings. Read More
  • Roadbond EN 1 Soil Stabilizer By Roadbond Service Co.

    ROADBOND EN 1 patented soil stabilizer fundamentally alters the ability of clay to hold adsorbed water, which is water held by electrical attraction. ROADBOND EN 1stabilizer causes clay to release weakly ionized water molecules from the clay matrix and replaces the water with strongly ionized... Read More
  • Roadside Delineator Posts By Pexco, Davidson Traffic Control Products

    FG 400 & FG 500 guide posts are the most durable and effective products on the market that both provide bright delineation of roadway edge-lines and medians. Many brands claim to provide durable delineation; the FG 400 & FG 500 guide posts really deliver. FG 400 & FG 500 guide posts markers are... Read More
  • Roll Up Sign Stands By Traffic Safety Warehouse

    NCHRP 350 compatibility- crash test results available. Complies with MUTCD standardsLightweight - perfect for low wind applications. Roll-up signs sold separately. Read More
  • Root Removal By Carylon Corporation

    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) calls root intrusion, "the most destructive single element facing those maintaining a wastewater collection system." If you’re waging a constant battle against root intrusion, call us and get rid of the problem once and for all. Our root removal... Read More
  • RootX - root control chemical By RootX Pipeline Root Control

    RootX is an herbicide formula engineered to have minimal impact on the environment or waste water treatment facilities and still kill pipline roots. Since RootX foams on contact with water it can be applied with existing sewer cleaning equipment or directly from the package. Simple, Effective,... Read More
  • RootX tripod By RootX Pipeline Root Control

    Enhance your RootX root control program by utilizing the RootX tripod which will hold the FDU 100 (RootX applicator)over the manhole while it is being filled with RootX. The Tripod reduces manpower required to fill the FDU 100. Read More
  • ROTOGRIP Automatic Snow Chains By RUD-Chain, Inc.

    Automatic snow chains are specially designed for commercial vehicles and buses that must be able to travel during hazardous winter weather. Read More
  • Round Channelizer Posts By Pexco, Davidson Traffic Control Products

    The DP 200 Series post is a 3-inch round channelizer made of polyurethane, the toughest flexible plastic available. The DP 200 posts are highly visible, day and night. They clearly delineate driving lanes with bright colors and reflective sheeting. To reduce the risk of accidents, place... Read More
  • RT/Right-of-Way By RTVision, Inc.

    RT/Right-of-Way is a land acquisition management solution that keeps acquisition project information in a centralized web database. Powerful reporting and milestone tracking give your team the project visibility needed to make informed decisions. Read More
  • Rubber Adjusting Ring By American Highway Products Ltd

    Our rubber adjusting ring is installed under the utility casting on new construction or rehab of existing utilities. It replaces pre-cast concrete donuts or brick and mortar material. It is light weight and unbreakable. Freeze-thaw cycles do not affect it, thus providing a water tight seal... Read More
  • Ryno Board® By Gilman Brothers Co., The

    Ryno Board is an extruded high density polystyrene foamboard featuring double-thick clay coated bright white or black facers adding to its rigidity and structural performance with improved resistance to crushing, warping and denting. It is designed for use with mechanical and hot vacuum... Read More