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Swinging Ladder Dredges: The Swinging Dragon® Dredge is a heavy duty, self propelled suction cutter dredge powered with a quiet, clean burning Tier 3 diesel engine. The Swinging Ladder Dredge is ideal for channels, rivers, marinas, lakes, and canals where maneuverability and wider cuts are needed.
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Ellicott Dredges is well known worldwide for its Ellicott® brand of portable and transportable cutter suction dredges. Our dredges are built-to-last, easy-to-operate, and provide an endless rate of production in various dredging applications such as channel dredging, industrial and...

Cutterhead Suction Dredges: Utilize a Cutterhead to Cut or Agitate the Material to be mined or dredged.
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Manufacturer of Dredges, Pumps, Sludge Removal Systems for Handling Slurries, Residuals, Biosolids, Tailings, Sediment, Fly Ash. Manned, Remote Controlled & Fully Automated Dredges. Custom Design/Engineering. Rent or Buy. Portable Power Units and trailer pumps also designed and built at the...

Mud Cat Multi-Function Dredge: New Mud Cat Multi-Function Dredge with mechanical and hydraulic dredging capabilities. Additional quick attach tools include a weed rake and pile driver. Dredge can self unload and mobilize without a crane. One truck transportable. This new multifunction dredge can be used for ice breakup on...
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