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Rock Mills Enterprises

Save time. Save money. Save your worker from injury.

Swing Arm Options: Choose The Right Swing Arm For Your Needs Now there are three Swing Arm options to offer flexibility for your needs. There are two rigid Swing Arm options and a new Folding Swing Arm as illustrated below.
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Custom manufacture of steel adjustable riser rings.

Since 1943 Hamilton Kent has been recognized as one of the leading international manufacturers and distributors of a full range of rubber gaskets for manholes and all types of pipe materials. Over the years, HK has developed numerous flexible pipe-to-manhole connectors, both cast-in and...

Established in 1872, Neenah Foundry of Neenah, WI, is a primary manufacturer of MUNICIPAL castings in the United States. Our product line covers over 10,000 design variations including cast iron manhole frames/lids/grates, trench covers and frames, catch basins, gutter inlets, tree grates &...

Magnetic Manhole Cover Lifts: Manhole cover lifts make it easy to remove and replace covers. The deep reaching strength of the PowerLift® magnets penetrate textured surfaces often found on manhole covers. Once magnet(s) are attached, use a hoist or lift dolly (see MCL2000 and MCL3000) to move the manhole covers.
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Since 1963, Pelsue has been enabling safe and productive work environments throughout the world. With a strong tradition of service, quality, and value, Pelsue is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of customized solutions for telecommunications, utilities, and other industries....


Captive Hinge Access Assembly: The Captive Hinge Access Assembly is an advanced solution that addresses many of the dangerous situations now present in the market such as cover theft, ergonomics, safety, pressure relief, and security. Once a cover with a captive hinge pin is installed, the cover cannot be removed.
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ALUSTEP: Alusteps are made of knurling anodized aluminium. The fitting is easy thanks to 4 holes for rivets M5 plus 2 holes for screws M12. In case you want an even stronger joint. Alusteps are cut by NC Punch press and welded by TIC they are conformed using 3 mm. aluminium sheet and 3*20 mm. knurling...
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Products include PVC and HDPE pipe and innerduct, handholes, pole line hardware, safety supplies for construction personnel, fiber optic cable, splice enclosures. Basically products that are used "pole to pole", "manhole to manhole" and "handhole to handhole". teltek caters to the Outside plant,...