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  • H. Barber & Sons Inc.

    Barber SURF RAKE: Barber is #1 in Domestic and worldwide sales and holds the title for the industry’s most reliable beach cleaners. The Barber SURF RAKE features a new Sanitizing Conveyor “S-Belt”. This new belt design maximizes sand penetration and removal of extremely fine debris. Belt perforations, mounting...
  • Aquarius Systems Inc.

  • PetMitten

    PetMitten: PetMittens are oxy-biodegradable pet waste pick up mittens. PetMittens are extra large, thick and opaque. And, they really are mittens! These user-friendly features make the pick-up process discreet and inoffensive and encourage usage. After use, the PetMitten can be tied off to become a...
  • Mohawk USA

    Manufacturer of reachers, grabber, litter pick up tools and litter sticks. DOT Reacher, Trash Gator.
  • Allianz Madvac

    Allianz Madvac Inc has a worldwide customer network of 125 stocking distributors in over 70 countries. Madvac designs and manufactures vacuum litter collection vehicles since 1986, and has unquestionably become the leader in its field on the world market. It delivers total quality vehicles for...