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  • Harco Fittings Inc

  • U.S. Pipe

  • The Ford Meter Box Co Inc

    Repair Clamp: Ford Repair Clamps combine the corrosion-resistant characteristics of stainless steel and the sealing capabilities of rubber to provide a strong, dependable and versatile repair clamp. Available as all stainless steel or with ductile iron lugs, Ford Clamps are second to none!
  • Logan Clay Products Co., The

    VCP sewer pipe: Environmentally friendly, inert clay pipe
  • Protex Fasteners Ltd

    Stamping, machining, assembly fasteners, over-centre draw latches, load rated handles, quick release band clamps of the Hi torque variety, hardware for military equipment, car racing, enclosure, and case industry
  • Dresser Inc

  • JCM Industries , Inc.

  • Dallas Specialty & Mfg. Co

    Dallas Specialty & Mfg. manufactures a line of plastic meter boxes and a full line of Flexible PVC sewer pipe couplings sizes 11/4" thru 30" diameter.
  • Topaz Inc

  • Prime Conduit Inc

    Prime Conduit, Inc., formerly the PVC Pipe Division of Carlon (Lamson & Sessions), still manufactures superior conduit products for the electrical, telecommunications, utility, and sewer markets. Our name may have changed on the print line, but our product quality and customer service still...