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  • EMSL Analytical , Inc.

  • American Pipe & Plastics, Inc

    American Pipe & Plastics, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) conduit for the Telecommunications , Power Utility , Cable TV (CATV) and Fiber Optic underground infrastructure markets. Conduit is manufactured to NEMA TC2, NEMA TC6/8, NEMA TC10, ASTM F512, and Telcordia...
  • Naylor Pipe Company

  • Abresist Kalenborn Corp.

    Kalpoxy Wear Compound: KALPOXY is a highly wear resistant epoxy bonded hard compound with over 70% solids, used as a jointless lining for structural components and repairs. Prematurely worn system components can be repaired rapidly and easily with minimum downtime. KALPOXY features a short curing time, completely...
  • Ford Contract Services Inc

    FORD CONTRACT SERVICES, INC.: Application, Inspection and Repair of Corrosion Control Linings and Coatings
  • Smith Fibercast

  • TC Fuel Components Inc

  • American Ductile Iron Pipe