CUES Announces GraniteNet/Cityworks Integration Module

Press Release from CUES, Inc.

Orlando, FL – CUES, the oldest and leading US manufacturer of pipeline inspection equipment and decision support software, announced the release of their GraniteNet Cityworks Integration module. As a certified software development partner working in close collaboration with Azteca Systems, the new module provides flexible process flow and bidirectional integration for field maintenance activities between Cityworks 2013 R2 and later releases including Cityworks Server 2014.

Because the systems are tightly integrated, data integrity and GIS precision is maintained programmatically to virtually eliminate the need for manual data validation. Users can easily transfer data between the two, asset-based systems which translates into greater efficiencies and reduced costs.

“Over a decade ago, CUES was the first CCTV pipeline inspection software to introduce the concept of managing individual assets within an overall network of assets. And as a result of its unique software architecture, CUES was the first to offer bidirectional integration with ESRI’s ArcGIS, which made possible the ability to relate infrastructure condition assessment for pipeline assets to maps” says Joe Purtell, Director of Software for CUES. “With Cityworks’ proven Asset management platform and ESRI’s spatial analysis tools we are able to enable a powerful enterprise asset management (EAM) program for our mutual clients.”

The GraniteNet Cityworks Module utilizes new technology called JSON (Java Script Object Notation) to streamline the work flows within Cityworks and between GraniteNet to offer an intuitive user experience with superior programmable business logic. JSON web services are now part of Cityworks Server AMS and are the current and future services that have replaced SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) API’s within Cityworks.

“We want to make using our software easy for people” says Purtell, “and the new Cityworks Integration Module is testament to our continued commitment to evolve with new technology to provide our GraniteNet customers with simple-to-use software with positive ROI”.

With the CUES GraniteNet/Cityworks Integration Module, you can:

  • Automate and schedule the import of Work Order ID’s, Asset ID’s, Project Names and Employee Names from the Cityworks Server Asset Management System to the GraniteNet database.
  • Automatically create new pending GraniteNet tasks of corresponding types in Cityworks for each asset imported from a Cityworks Work Order.
  • Create, start and complete Work Order tasks directly from the Cityworks Server Work Order form (for crews which are out of the office and have internet access.)
  • Automatically update the status and date of Cityworks Work Orders and Tasks during inspection data export.
  • Review  detailed inspection results by calling GraniteNet directly from within Cityworks.

“We see this as a true benefit to Cityworks users,” said Brian Haslam, President Azteca Systems. “Our customers can intuitively click a button in Cityworks to start an inspection in GraniteNet knowing both applications are fully integrated. They can now automate and schedule field inspections while ensuring business process consistency, data integrity, and the collection of accurate inspection data. Likewise, GraniteNet users now have a truly innovative maintenance management system choice in Cityworks”.


About Azteca Systems

Founded in 1986, Azteca Systems, Inc. is the leading provider of GIS-based Asset Maintenance Management Systems for Public Works and Utilities. Built exclusively on top of ESRI’s leading GIS technology, Cityworks is a powerful, scalable and affordable solution for the enterprise, the department or individual.

About CUES Inc.

Founded in 1964, CUES (Community Utility Equipment Services) is the world’s leading manufacturer of Closed Circuit Television Video (CCTV) inspection/rehabilitation equipment and condition assessment / software for sanitary and storm sewers, water lines, and a variety of municipal infrastructure.