MetaDome LLC

P.O. Box 7534
Madison, WI 53707

About MetaDome LLC

MetaDome, manufactures ADA compliant stainless steel and other high quality detectable warning products. MDMetaPanel®, patents pending, detectable warning fields are quickly embedded and securely fastened in concrete and asphalt. MetaDome coatings are UV stable, extremely durable, slip resistant, not affected by the elements and are resistive to extreme corrosive environments. Easy, less than a minute concrete installation. Other Tactile Products include MDMetapanel® Tactile Overalys (new, repair & replacement construction), Boundary Tiles and Architectural Tiles. MetaStamp™, patented concrete detectable warning stamps, are designed to efficiently produce highly detectable truncated domes in fresh concrete. Truncated domes are created with aggregate durability and uniformity. MetaDome products are manufactured in the USA by ISO 9001 and 9002 Certified companies, are compliant with the American Disabilities Act (ADA), ADA Accessability Guidelines (ADAAG), and the US Federal Highway Administration.

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