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  • CUES, Inc.

    Video Pipeline Inspection Equipment Condition Assessment, & Rehab.
    CUES is the world's leading manufacturer of closed circuit television video (CCTV) inspection/rehabilitation/pipe profiling equipment and asset inspection/decision support software for sanitary and storm sewers, industrial process lines, and water lines. For over 50 years, CUES has provided...
  • Industrial Magnetics, Inc.

    Magnetic Manhole Cover Lifts: Manhole cover lifts make it easy to remove and replace covers. The deep reaching strength of the PowerLift® magnets penetrate textured surfaces often found on manhole covers. Once magnet(s) are attached, use a hoist or lift dolly (see MCL2000 and MCL3000) to move the manhole covers.
  • Hamilton Kent

    The Lifespan System: Watertight, Corrosion-proof Frame and Adjustment Risers The very systems designed to manage our wastewater and stormwater have now become management challenges themselves. Aging collection systems are developing breaks and leaks. As a result, excess water and other materials that do not belong...
  • Klar Realty

  • Manhole Systems Inc


    The unique design of STABILOC user-friendly assembly allows the STABILOC lock to be inserted vertically into a receiver, which has been retrofitted into the manhole cover. This process orients the STABILOC lever arm parallel with a vertical wall of the manhole cover frame. The lever arm...
  • Rock Mills Enterprises

    The Lifter-The LocKing Cover: The Lifter and The LocKing Cover are the newest innovation in manhole cover removal and lockdown security. The Lifter and The LocKing Cover make manual handling and locking of manhole covers obsolete. These tasks are now done by the push of a button by an operator while seated in a vehicle....
  • American Highway Products Ltd

    Pivoted Turnbuckle Manhole Riser: Our “Pivoted Turnbuckle” is the most efficient, powerful, expandable manhole riser on the market. American Highway Products Ltd. manhole riser is used to reduce cost and streamline the adjusting of utilities to the new grade when paving. When installed, its unique pivoted turnbuckle linkage...